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Han Depeng departure is inevitable , now mu guixian the article eulogy Han Depeng and his colleagues leaving the company today maybe don’t have a taste , because they also become the deceased .

manage differences

2012 , 6 month electricity in combat when , gome group executives hope kubah somthing as soon as possible. In charge of the gome electrical contractor, senior vice President of gome group mu guixian, also said let kubah network platform construction within a year into the industry of the top three. But when Han Depeng said gome to kubah without any investment plans, gome in the future will bring more leaning to gome online branding resources, not reflected in kubah net. The two platforms combined , to gome gome President wang online high hopes, his goal is to let gome in 2015 do electrical business scale in super billions, become the most profitable domestic electricity. Divergence between management and the reality and dream of pain , . 2012 in gome electrical contractor throughout the year sales 44.1 one hundred million ( tax ) , the loss rate of 15% 20% , Shared by a listed company losses as high as 5 million, total loss, 2011 years loss 3.9 one hundred million yuan. Gome electrical contractor 2 years let gome loss of nearly 9 one hundred million yuan. Han Depeng conservative strategy didn’t reduce losses that gome online lost placeholder.

the pain of the supply chain


2012 years Han Depeng accept China economic times said now, we are completely independent operation, I don’t give money to group, they really don’t give me. I every day now talk about relationship between settlement and group leaders, and branch settlement price. this relationship so far is still not change , gome online does not have the procurement of independent , internal purchases by offline clearing the pain of , through internal and external supply chain problem up to now still. 2013 years electrical business competition is mainly concentrated in two aspects of “supply chain” and “user experience”. Among them, the corresponding supply chain is “the price”, can supply chain ability determines the electricity for consumers to provide competitive price high quality goods for a long time, is electricity supply chain competition.

Strategic swing

gome double platform development model in the field of electricity came a detour, not only serious drag on the performance of gome, also let electrical business drubbing in groping stage. Mu guixian in integrating said in a letter sent to employees, “gome electrical contractor can’t repeat positioning, direct competition, also don’t sell kubah it alone narrow way, but the ‘dual brand + the innovation of the dual mode ‘development.” A miss is a year , China and the United States a year strategy swaying changeable , even lost the good chance to screens. At present, the pattern of proprietary electric , jingdong coppi begin to recuperate , chasing profit suning endeavor all the way through acquisitions and category expansion began actively layout , and layout financial , virtual product in the first three , and 2013 in the first quarter of maintaining high growth rate , tencent electricity through consolidation of yi and amazon’s 1 inn actively for , and gome online has been reduced to three line even with rival suning is pulling away for traditional industry.

eulogy for whom

2012 , 3 quarter , in the case of performance losses, gome online at a lavish so heavily in television advertising, some want to under the harsh medicine cure ills mean, but this kind of