Gome online President Han Depeng will leave! Compete with jingdong suning

author: jian-ping lei Ke-xin wang

gome in electric commercial repeat twists and turns of the road! At the beginning of the gome online “bloodbath” its kubah network, integration of leveling off, tencent of science and technology, gome President Han Depeng online will leave in the near future, is in the off state. This also means that network CEO Wang Zhiquan kubah early last year after leaving office, gome electrical contractor and lost a key executives.

Han Depeng gome time to work on for 78 years, three years ago, single-handedly responsible for gome electric business platform building, gome online experience the whole process from the initial six men to now more than 2000 people, is one of the core characters gome electrical contractor. However, since last December, gome online and kubah network integration, Han Depeng basic no sound in the industry.

at present, gome online events are by gome’s senior vice President and gome online chairman MouGui Soviet responsible for. Mu guixian has a distinctive mark of the family of Mr. Huang, on behalf of Mr. Huang family interests. Since April, mu guixian fully in charge of gome online, from behind the scenes to the front, 90% energy on gome online, in gome online office every day.

tencent technology called Han Depeng Han Depeng confirmed will leave, but stressed that his resignation has nothing to do with mu guixian, said leave personal reasons, mainly in the past few years too hard, and need to rest for a period of time. Gome online news spokesman Andy said Han Depeng is departure by people in poor health, is currently in the work handover.

, said Andy Han Depeng have outstanding contributions to gome online, in his two years leading gome online to keep high speed development, and market position in the field of electricity has been made, but by high rhythm work in the past two years, the body has serious overdraw, now need to rest, gome online CEO job temporarily by mu guixian. Andy also stressed that Han Depeng departure will not affect gome online.

however, an electricity industry, points out that this year gome will certainly spend more energy into electricity sector, but relatively suning, jingdong and other rivals, soul huang is not in a line, which obviously at a disadvantage in the electricity business competition, gome online senior departures at this time, the equivalent of a highway in tire, can let gome online in a more embarrassing situation.

gome electrical contractor 2 years kui integration stretches 900 million

in December, 2012, gome announced the consolidation, gome online mall and kubah net electric business platform, renamed gome online, kubah positioning open platform, the former CEO of gome online mall Han Depeng as gome online CEO, served as vice President of gome online network CEO Ding Donghua kubah, mu guixian as chairman of gome online.

this is good for gome undoubtedly, double end brand “left hand and right” the status quo. Before amazon China CEO brans ong to tencent’s science and technology, said gome online mall and kubah, business overlap network mode, in the case of a single user access cost so high, integration can significantly reduce costs, improve the repeat purchase rate, gome should carry out such integration.

the latest results showed that gome online mall and double kubah network operation mode drag on gome’s financial performance. Gome electrical contractor throughout the year in 2012 to achieve sales of 4.41 billion yuan (including tax), loss rate is 15% – 20%, Shared by a listed company losses of up to 500 million, total loss, loss of 390 million yuan in 2011. Gome electrical contractor 2 years time to gome losses of nearly 900 million yuan.

gome online merger also bring pain, many times before and after the layoffs. A former kubah employees complain, a lot of people coming from offline, gome online mall in stores work more than ten years or twenty years, they have no kubah understand electricity, but they are leaders in kubah. Because gome online mall is of his own, keep kubah net is a stepmother. Now kubah network in name only.

however, the affected obviously, not only in kubah employees, gome online President Han Depeng also into a “victim”. , according to people familiar with the last two years has been responsible for gome electrical contractor Han Depeng, 14, 15 hours a day, often during the Spring Festival in 2012, Han Depeng in Beijing to work overtime. Can say, Han Depeng to gome have deep feelings, to gome online into a lot of energy.

although Han Depeng said the reason for leaving is a purely person company. Cannot explain, Han Depeng departure at the same time, the vice President of gome online mall Zhang Bing leave during this period, the Zhang Bing in gome for many years, also served as director of gome online mall adopt pin.

two senior departures also let gome online public opinion environment “worse”. A gome high-level to tencent online science and technology, said in the past there has been the weak gome electrical contractor’s voice, the current gome has undergone online very disorderly, into the new stage, who leave will not affect the company, and gome online is their strength, do not want the process too much interference.

electric business platform war continue to gome risk

with the electricity industry pattern basic formation, each in a different category on the basic stability of qualifying, 2013 will be a year of overall ranking for the key. Jingdong from burning money enclosure to seek profit, shop no. 1, tencent’s electricity flushing Yi Xun hope, suning, gome to speed up the shift from offline to online. However, gome electrical contractor in an awkward, electricity in the second and the third echelon.

gome online dashed forward to face many challenges: electrical business will cost more and more high, Tmall and jingdong form two traffic black hole, grab the new user cost is very high; Competition fierce attack, although Su Ningyi purchase is coarser, but su ning, chairman zhang near east determination and commitment second to none; In addition, gome electrical contractor are lack of thinking, especially the lack of electric business experience of the management team.

send generation network CEO XingKong yukon, said electric business impact on the traditional retail will be further intensified, electric business platform will focus on further, not too much retreat for suning, gome, if electricity is not good, not only the ground shop losses may also ask the suning, gome’s life. Is especially bad for gome electrical contractor, soul huang from a line for a long time, make strategy can not be well implemented.

this is easy to understand, huang from a line of two years, the gap between gome and suning is bigger. Gome’s loss of 597 million yuan in 2012, is listed first annual loss in nearly a decade, gome in 2011 profit of 1.84 billion yuan. In the same period, as well as electrical business impact, although su ning net profit fell 44.37% year-on-year in 2012, there is still a $2.682 billion profit, revenue is twice gome.

experience Chen Xiaozhi disorderly gome just on track in recent years, facing more steep competition environment. All decisions gome huang prison remote control, there is no doubt that gome decision cycle long, the action is relatively slow.

a gome insiders to tencent online science and technology, said the suning and gome, need most is not willing a city pool of gain and loss, but although make clearer grand strategy from the group level. Gome strength don’t need to worry about, gome electrical contractor business over the past few years are laying stage, relatively speaking, gome electrical contractor has a set of complete system, cooperation and independent.

as kubah and gome online mall in personnel, operations, technology, warehousing logistics, etc, unified management, certain situations in income, spending significantly reduced, losses will significantly ease, still maintain dual brand operation, suning integrating red child, on the other hand, red children basic has quietly. The personage points out, “some electricity share gain is achieved by losses, loss of the mass, the greater the enough as long as the investment of gome’s size can be increased, but its the most important thing is to group level strategy clearly.”

gome online news spokesman Andy also points out that electricity is a long-distance running, domestic electricity is still in its infancy, now position is not representative of the electricity business pattern in the end. Electricity is not transferring products to online sales, but to return to “business” nature. The vast majority of the top 10 electricity electrical manufacturers are online store and offline store, pure electric business enterprise only accounted for a seat.

Andy said, electricity sales accounted for the proportion of the total amount of social consumer goods is very small, the market opportunity is very big, if regardless of the cost of the pursuit of scale, gome online can also do on digital is very good-looking, but this is not the pursuit of gome online now. Gome online will focus on improving consumer experience, it need a longer process, but walking is more dependable.

the current pursuit of gain or loss greater opportunity

gome electrical contractor business has always been considered “hidden and not send”, the electricity is his passion. Still aggressively grab share in su ning, the former price butcher gome has not compete on price. Mu guixian, chairman of gome online said, gome online aim to minimise losses this year, and to strive for profit this year.

gome online 2013 inside and outside and repair strategy. On the one hand, through internal integration and double platform establish the science of uniting the “internal strength”, the group released billions each year level supply chain advantage; On the other hand will pay more attention to the external work practice, including brand shaping, improvement and optimization of customer service, emphasis on size, on the basis of the profitability and sustainability in the first place.

from the product strategy, gome online clear based on the compaction of household appliances, such as 3 c category, do try in new areas, screens, quickly take a lead in some specific areas, such as medical industry, culture and art, home textile, and maternal and child education and so on, and plans to five categories, one category in the final preparation phase, plans to launch after a month or two.

this a series of strategy, supply chain was emphasized. Mu guixian, points out that the supply chain is retail core competitive ability, if there is no supply chain advantage, no voice in the market, not a long road. Gome online to make the supply chain as the core business to do. “Near the profit target faster and now, I believe, I will deliver my promise at that time.”

however, the outside world seems to be profitable and not gome online the most need to solve the problem, the size is still the first priority. Palmer le consultancy, said senior director Luo Qingqi loss does not matter, the key is the ability to liabilities. No liabilities, transformation, the enterprise not more. “To compare with the Internet, can’t adapt to the Internet, kui big losses small nothing”. Another person also said that a short loss not let gome bone, give up the dealer market for electricity status may be let gome lost everything.

there is no doubt that Su Ningyi for rapid advances in 2012 all the way, has been squeezed into B2C top three. Behind Su Ningyi bought flashy sales data, largely from suning at no cost. Such as zhang near east not only build Su Ningyi bought a luxury building, also the dead command: there is a need of suning Su Ningyi purchase, request the subsidiaries will Su Ningyi purchase in local operation promotion as the largest flagship store to prepare, will Su Ningyi purchase in local sales data into the branch general manager performance appraisal scope.

Su Ningyi purchase this momentum continues in 2013, the outside world is hard to see this determination in gome’s body, gome electrical contractor prospects are more worrying. To this, gome online news spokesman Andy said the 2013 electric business competition is mainly concentrated in the “supply chain” and “user experience” two aspects. Among them, the corresponding supply chain is “the price”, can supply chain ability determines the electricity for consumers to provide competitive price high quality goods for a long time, is electricity supply chain competition.

Andy stressed that profit do not conflict with the size, if supply chain advantage, can achieve this goal. Gome online currently have to do is on the basis of profit pursuit of larger scale, to create the healthy and sustainable development mode, or if the constantly pursue scale does not consider the health, the future at the expense of the whole industry and the interests of consumers.

the advantage of supply chain is mu guixian, mu guixian almost do offline business, lack of experience in the Internet is mu guixian “indifference”. How mu guixian will advantage into gome electrical contractor advantage, disadvantage and how do you don’t show up? This is mu guixian need to answer the question. No doubt, the current gome online is at a critical period. Mu guixian once said: I am a gentle, but do not gentle. So, in the electrical business competition of the red sea, “soft,” mu guixian can lead gome electrical contractor to break?

source: tencent technology