Gome electrical contractor, li bin, director of the mu guixian cannon suning electrical contractor, head of the vulgar

gome electrical contractor, head of mu guixian shelling Su Ningyi bought li bin, said it to compete, use of vulgar hype, grandstanding.

su ning li bin

what was the origin of Su Ningyi purchasing director li bin sent in a highly provocative weibo:

hold the hand, dragging the dog walk, if the dog does not walk, drag to sell meat

after the release this tweet, li bin and publish microblog:

the May Day golden week, the market demand, it is shameful to “rest”, benefit consumers is glorious! Tube to don’t talk to you, I will let the end!

this is the industry regarded as Su Ningyi purchase provoked by jingdong’s comments, on April 15, li bin on weibo “call” liu, time really price war.

with the echo, chairman of suning, recently has been foreign snort said suning will continue to compete on price.

gome mu guixian

maybe don’t like tesco fiery rhetoric, gome electrical contractor, head of mu guixian straight boom li bin.

at least to keep the respect of a floor under between peers, for the sake of grandstanding, in order to provoke opponents, with some vulgar expressions is very wrong; I have always stressed that whatever bad stronger or weaker than you, you must first respect him, his strengths and learning, and their own internal work style, going to compete in a healthy competition environment.

shelling is not just a mu guixian li bin.

the famously blunt character matrix partners founder zhang ying said “the path when competition principle, vulgar spoof objectionable. Do what thing should have the bottom line, li see this weibo, I can only shook his head.”