Gome electrical contractor broadly into Tmall electric city redraw appliance pattern

on June 5th, the day the cat jointly announced with gome electrical contractor, gome electrical contractor all cats in day. gome will be in the day the cat open circuit city, including gome online official flagship store, five article brand shop. Later, gome and Tmall will also in-depth cooperation in supply chain system, etc. day cat electric city which will be redrawn appliance 3 c market pattern.

home appliance retail pattern to refactor

in the field of home appliance electrical contractor, Tmall electric city, jingdong, and offline chain giant online site Su Ningyi buy and gome online is “four home appliance giant”. The several appliances gome online and 3 c the combination of brand and day cat electric city platform, online home appliance pattern will be new changes in the 3 c industry.

public data shows that in 2012, jingdong all categories, including clothing, such as department all categories) sales of more than 600 one hundred million yuan. While Tmall electric city 2012 sales breakthrough 50.2 billion yuan every year. Su Ningyi purchase is 18.336 billion yuan, gome online performance is 4.41 billion yuan. Gome online mall day after cat in platform type, it is foreseeable that gome will get more traffic and customer base, its performance is expected to achieve new breakthroughs, in respect of electric city, depth cooperation will further enhance the voice in the field of household appliances.

“electric city combined with gome if both sides can depth, complementary advantages, produce 1 + 1 is greater than 2 effect, then 2013 days cat circuit city will further establish leading in the field of home appliance electrical contractor sheep, for the company itself, also can gain competitive advantage. Online integration” Tmall Tan Biao electric city general manager, said from the depth of the industry, both sides can try to supply and marketing integration, in the abundance of the goods, brand planning enhance cooperation ability; From the industry in terms of thickness, gome online using its offline network service, can let consumers have a better experience online home appliance, this will also lead day cat electric city home appliance industry service reputation.

gome has said, in terms of store operation, gome electrical contractor will take the product differentiation, channels for sales on the day the cat, the future of merchandise will become more diversified. Consumers can enjoy more rich goods, can enjoy more gome in distribution, installation system around the door-to-door service.

home appliance incipient electricity fusion trend

sinolink securities in the 2013 home appliances industry strategy report predicted that in 2012, the online shopping will account for 10% of the proportion in electrical appliances sale. In 2011, the proportion was only about 4%. The China electronic commerce research center report shows that in 2012 China’s online shopping category market share, 3 c home appliance share has been as high as 24%, after 28% of the clothing shoes and hats, such as textiles become the second largest category. appliances online shopping is the trend of The Times.

taobao 2012 + Tmall when sales reached one trillion, double tenth day, taobao + Tmall sales exceed 19.1 billion. Among them, only cat electric city double tenth day by day sales reached 2.8 billion yuan. more traditional retail enterprises is how to think better and e-commerce integration, more and more traditional enterprise choose cooperation with day cat platform, including the intime, , century lianhua, tesco, metro, watsons in traditional retail industry’s leading enterprises at home and abroad such as retail giant cats have day.

by the end of 2012, a line of electrical appliances at home and abroad to almost all 3 c brand Tmall electric city , including nikon, SONY, panasonic, samsung, lenovo, huawei, haier, beauty, and many other brands.

the personage inside course of study says, the gome electrical contractor all cooperate with day cat, explain electricity fusion trend has been deep into the traditional retail industry, electrical electrical contractor spell price age has in the past, read the next more is to look at the various forms of industry collaboration on electric business platform. traditional retail or vertical B2C, how to effectively use their customer relations, to the value of the user is the future potential of the electricity.