“Godson” version of the HTC one overhand experience on June 26, the listed price of $599

D11 in this morning meeting, SAN da skin looked announced plans to launch a carry native Android HTC One. There is no doubt that the emergence of this kind of mobile phone will make a lot of people do the very long time “dream” come true. At the scene of the meeting today, I ran into Google Hugo Barra (Google product manager), as it happens, just installed the new phone out of his pocket, and as a result, I had the privilege of witness its “style”.

and the same with the original Google system of samsung GS4 difference is not much, the phone will never let you down. Although mobile phone hardware and software are we familiar with, but the thought of it is a joint production of Google and HTC, let a person feel excited. However, the only fly in the ointment is (at least I think so), the keys of the phone has remained the One “strange” the layout of the style. Home button is on the right, rather than the middle. In addition, long press HTC enable Google Now, double-click the display recently used program list. (native android are try virtual buttons,)

Beats Audio will not appear as an icon in the menu bar

you may wonder, HTC phones that is characteristic in hardware, how in the absence of relevant software run under the auspices of the HTC? Don’t try so hard, the Barra answer to “put one hundred and twenty heart”. He told me that Beats Audio (magic sound function) will run normally, hardware optimization has been activated. However, Beats Audio will not appear as an icon in the menu bar. In addition, HTC UltraPixel cameras will still be retained, just need a original Android camera app. Barra and said, “what, will, as always, keep now.” To further enhance cooperation with HTC and Google, however, the future of UltraPixel will add more details. In carrying the Android original system equipment, no one has a strong camera. GS4 and HTC One camera (pure Android version) in the absence of custom software, actually will show how to? Let’s wait and see!

wait to pick up the original Android HTC One listed on the Play Store, we will send you more relevant information for you. June 26, hurry up come, I have already don’t wait!

: before on the Google I/O, Google and samsung launched a special edition with a native Android Galaxy S4, priced at $649. Galaxy S4, HTC one, the two adopted son on June 26th, will appear together in the Google Play store. Who is the sales will be better? Let’s wait and see.

carry native Android mobile phone has been split into three pieces: experience “sons” – the Nexus series (Pichai said will continue to launch a new version of the Nexus), adopted son – special edition of the Galaxy S4, HTC One and “adopted” – Moto X (will be listed in October).

refers to the so-called native Android experience: keep the Android original system, the connotation of a large number of Google native applications. No custom UI, no built-in software vendors and operators.

Via: The Verge