Go for the financing way Elong group SMS to dig the corner over there

where to get the industry news today said tens of millions of dollars of financing, where news network has completed a New round of 5700 $( 3.5 RMB) financing, by baidu, hillhouse capital, GGV capital tripartite joint investment, contributed 1900 million dollars. Where the determination of a New round of investment will spin network IPO time. Where the net financing report said in a statement with the facts.

this is where the statement:

now about where to network financing reports were confirmed without where network, coverage is very inconsistent with the facts. Please stop speculation media. Thank the media friends focus on where the net. Such as where to net a major news events, will be the first time communication with the media for

very intriguing is that this industry where to financing, elong travel network to the user today afternoon mass text messages, said elong to suspend the cooperation with where to go. And welcome users to directly use elong booking hotel, tit-for-tat mean is very clear.

the following is a elong mass to the user information:

Important notice:

you have to book via where elong travel network provided by the hotel, where elong pause and cooperation. Welcome you landing directly elong.com booking hotels, domestic hotel every night to return cash as much as 201 yuan! Thousands of hotel group 1 to fold, 20 m international hotel full 9 discount. Booking hotel elong.

the personage inside course of study says, elong and where is now can’t reconcile the contradiction between, the two sides are obviously not willing to make concessions, otherwise not terminate cooperation.