Go against Vietnam programmer! Middle school students can through Google interview in half

Google software engineer Neil Fraser (Neil Fraser) for how can a group of Vietnamese 11th grade students are extremely hard in the Google ran away in the interview process was studied.

the Fraser wrote on his blog last week, one half of the students in grade 11 class can through Google interview process.

in the near future in the process of the trip to Vietnam, Fraser to better understand computer science courses, he traveled to Vietnam schools multiple classes, ranging from grade 2 to grade 11.

he found that everyone in Vietnam in grade 3 students learn how to use Windows, 4 grade student to study the identification code, fifth grade students writing contains the circulation structure of the program. This is incredible, and the teaching difficulty of the class is far more than many western countries, including the United States.

Fraser want to understand a student can master knowledge more quickly, so he chose a 11th grade class. Fraser to their task is to look at the following by the slope of the maze map data files, number of the closed area, and calculate the area is the largest one.

after the Fraser returned to the United States, Google, another senior engineer to this topic with Google difficult interview questions. Fraser said that in the case of don’t know the topic sources, the engineers think the topic of the Vietnamese students difficulty in third.

this problem is not just for the top 5% of the students in the class to do, but also a 45 minute time limit, the majority of students completed the topic, only a small part of the students need to give more 5 minutes to complete.

Fraser concluded that half of all students in the 11th grade class can through Google interview process without any problems.

of course it’s only a rough estimate, whether Google questions appeared such topics, students can through the rest of the questions have no way of knowing. And, this is just a class’s and grade’s performance, not universal.

however, there is a surprise, it is Vietnam education system under the condition of the resource is very limited are training programmers with world level.

compile: tencent technology