Glutinous rice Shen Boyang: deals this year have to death two glutinous rice doesn’t rule out acquisitions

a line main title, secondary annealing of prostitution, shuffling is well underway, the video industry group purchase industry is in this scene. Glutinous rice, general manager of network Shen Boyang to tencent technology, according to the group will be great changes in industry, big group operating state did not speak to the outside world as well, the next few months are likely to be deadly a scrap.

network CEO Shen Boyang glutinous rice

“industry development at this stage, do mergers and acquisitions is definitely a wise choice. Like video website, the first and the second can be integrated, and group.” Shen Boyang said, glutinous rice net is contact with several sites, as long as the two sides are promising for the future, the idea is consistent, does not exclude the integration possibility. And mesa group only so few.

at present, the group is farewell thousand regiment war era. , according to data from the “group of 800” by the end of February, also on real significance in maintaining running group only 943, relative to the group of the 5058 record in history, the survival rate of 18.6%. At the same time, a large group of scale advantages, gradually influence on consumers and businesses.

about market performance over the last year, Shen Boyang pointed out that in 2012 is a year industry reshuffle, 5 or 6 left a group-buying websites, including network, reviews, and glutinous rice, handle,’s, plus gaopeng. 2013 will be a critical year, and the rest of the several sites, probably will fail again 1 to 2, and before the collapse of the last crazy.

in fact, the buying industry is similar to the video industry, after a scuffle, and money. Though youku, potatoes, successful listing, the newly established youku potatoes still burning money, also face big challenges such as tencent, baidu. Group-buying situation worse, haven’t a successful listed company, 24 coupons to burn the final collapse. Shake handshandle net nearly $200 million in financing, the sprint IPO failure was forced to deep and healing.

glutinous rice network on the way of money and not “immune”, renren net loss of $21.1 million in the fourth quarter of 2012, this is the fourth quarterly loss since 2012. Glutinous rice during the quarter net loss of $5.6 million. In the case of continuing losses, glutinous rice was questioned again is a drag on the important factor of universal results, test every CEO Chen, patience.

glutinous rice network also has value for all companies? Has become a chicken ribs? Renren, whether it’s time to abandon the glutinous rice net? Shen Boyang was clearly: NO. Not only not burdensome, glutinous rice net also to the company further growth of imaginary space, everyone can help everyone companies leverage O2O this huge market, company will continue efforts on everyone.

“the capital market of glutinous rice net value is much better than you think, glutinous rice opponents are start-up companies. Glutinous rice while in the short term will continue to battle, but in the long run in the O2O imaginary space is too big. From this perspective, not only should not be cut worry glutinous rice network, rival instead more should worry about renren is more investment in glutinous rice.”

earlier, Chen, has said publicly that the size of the unit to triple again, ready to put in $50 million. Chen, said the market demand is still rising steadily, and was far less number of sites, at last year’s “failures” surviving sites are like seeds buried in the soil, spring will germinate and grow.

according to people familiar with the matter, get more ammunition glutinous rice network has begun to action, at the end of glutinous rice net dug shake handshandle net team in guangdong, and collect a lot of American team was cut. Have more money to glutinous rice is waiting for the timing, further, by means of mergers and acquisitions to achieve corner overtaking, or stay in the end, waiting for the giant “appreciation”.

capital under the cold winter, group-buying day is more difficult. For glutinous rice network, is to hold out until the last, don’t care about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow is profit, but to find a way to do the size bigger.

in the regiment,’s, full of these sites after the earnings announcement, glutinous rice net losses obviously is dazzling. Shen Boyang said, however, glutinous rice is indeed every quarter loss, but more should be horizontal comparison, the company with amazon are early losses, 24 coupons burned so much money eventually collapse, but the unit still live well, and there is a healthy growth curve.

“waxy rice network, in the light in the dark. Talking about purchase plan recently, we found each other’s investors to glutinous rice net financial data are clear than me.” Shen Boyang also said that no audited Numbers of so-called profit is not big, the other outside, be sure to see each other so-called profit is how to calculate, see if these enterprises meet employees in five social insurance and one housing fund. 2012 group is a group purchase industry dark horse, then, in 2013, the unit will be another dark horse group purchase industry.

the following is an interview with glutinous rice network CEO Shen Boyang transcript:

tencent technology: buying industry in 2012 has a lot of changes, such as 24 coupon sites such as collapse, shake handshandle sprint failing ipos, many sites began to transition, try doing O2O, how do you think the development of group purchase industry over the past year?

Shen Boyang: in 2012, was the industry reshuffle, there are five or six group-buying websites, including network, reviews, Meituan glutinous rice, handle,’s, plus gaopeng. Group-buying industry began to return to rational, not necessarily a bad thing to the industry, industry before blind expansion, you only see the top line growth, did not see how capital turnover.

the opponent should be more worried about everyone to glutinous rice net increase in

tencent technology: at the end of last several coupon site groups claimed to have profit, glutinous rice relatively special, because it is all part of the company, each report results shows glutinous rice net is loss, why some sites will be profitable, glutinous rice net was still losses?

Shen Boyang: this is a very interesting thing, we are talking about purchase plan recently, found each other’s investors to glutinous rice net financial data are clear than me, that we, in the light in the dark. I can only speak, glutinous rice network Numbers must be the most real, glutinous rice net operating profit growth for five consecutive quarters, loss narrowed, enterprise management state is in the direction of healthy and benign development.

can look at some sites from the dimension of a few profit, the first of these sites are no audited figures released by the so-called mean little profit. The second is to see how to calculate profit. Such as glutinous rice earnings reported income is one of the most thin income way, not in accordance with the commission this month, only when the user consumption that a sum of money, in the middle of the service charge is our income. We are always relatively less meter inside a lot of income. But I believe that we like to see a more conservative approach is to Wall Street, as opposed to the ipo, financial problems, turned back and redo it again.

big family also know a lot of startups in operation is not normal, go back to ask those so-called profitable companies have to employees according to the rules to pay housing accumulation fund, according to the rules to pay five social insurance and one housing fund, I understand is that many sites for many employees is according to the minimum wage to pay 1500 yuan, in many field of substation is no money to pay. Unit won’t do that. This one alone can take advantage of group turnover of around 10%.

for glutinous rice network, our group purchase industry development direction, don’t try so hard the short-term profit, we are still trying to do the dishes after all more big, otherwise cannot achieve scale profit also does not make sense.

tencent technology: when everyone is involved in video website do UUME, made after a period of time is too costly, found that the video industry UUME was laid off, several times since then everyone company layoffs, everyone always give a person a kind of doubts, support for unit can have how long, now the capital market in group-buying, the renren will dump glutinous rice the site?

Shen Boyang: each enterprise in different stages of development must be doing different mentality, Chen do ChinaRe sum up experience in the process, the most important plenty of hay, which is why the large amount of financing. We threw so much cash now, I ask you, you see so many technology companies, in turn to see everyone’s business, what do you think which business biggest imagination?

the truth of glutinous rice net capital market value is much better than you think, glutinous rice is not a strong rival, is a startup company, we have size larger. Glutinous rice while in the short term will continue to battle, but in the long run is one of the biggest areas of O2O involved, the imagination is too big.

from this perspective, not only should not worry about glutinous rice nets will be cut, instead more competitors should worry about everyone company will increase investment in glutinous rice network, including Chen, we are willing to put into three times for a bigger market share.

can not pursue profit losses, to compare with

tencent technology: the company is, after all, a listed company, how do you see glutinous rice loss every time after the earnings report?

shen bo Yang: practical to see, glutinous rice is indeed every quarter loss, but more should be horizontal comparison, the company carry out early losses, read the amazon profits before the losses contrast, can have a more clear to read. Do the Internet does not need to how much their experience, but don’t take yourself when their dead tired, want to do a very solid. 24 securities financing more than $forty million in the past, the shake handshandle melting nearly $two hundred million, glutinous rice into less than $fifty million in succession, relatively speaking, 24 stamps have closed, handle a major unrest, but the unit still live well.

from this perspective, can only say that group-buying industry’s burning money. Some have done a good sense of glutinous rice, can improve the space is too big for me. Besides you to see all the big company internal start-ups, especially group-buying websites, like market, 58, happy net, sina, sohu, have at some point done try group-buying, big or small, basic have finally.

tencent technology: when you more care about is glutinous rice network can really profitable?

Shen Boyang: do come up to the most important enterprise the trend. In the case of a plate to expand, the trend is right, loss problem is less. As long as the trend, it a year of losses and the overall fund size than it is insignificant to glutinous rice net actually more don’t care about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to profit, but more to find a way to do the size bigger.

if the unit is very care about is now profitable, will certainly have a lot of layoffs and other actions, such as Meituan mass layoffs at the end of last year, we didn’t do this, this is the thing that hurt the entire team. Don’t use this compact to optimize the interests of the family. Meituan lay a lot of people are photography, editorial, and customer service, short term does not affect performance, in the long run will cause for consumers and merchants for service quality decline.

glutinous rice net more than 20% of the sales from the mobile end

tencent technology: many sites are stress transformation, especially in the era of mobile Internet, many people emphasize O2O, web sites in the layout, such as American unit in this area will have what action?

shen bo Yang: we haven’t O2O three years ago when doing deals in fact the word, and then the word was invented, group buying is one of the best form of O2O, can fall to the ground, the most can see and touch. Many other O2O mode are confusing. So from that perspective, group buying is a kind of expression form O2O, we definitely want to do more in the business of O2O other attempt. Including our a few days ago announced the formation of O2O new business enterprise department, detailed layout, the new business unit will carry us more O2O attempt to other business model.

with O2O wireless Internet a sense has less to do more deals from PC to wireless transformation must stage of development, it is also a lot of group-buying dragged off being dragged to death. If a group haven’t strive to do the wireless Internet, the group a sense was eliminated. At present we are more than 20% of the sales from the mobile terminal.

glutinous rice network will push the ticket client

tencent technology: can you talk about unit in O2O the specific how to do?

shen bo Yang: we will soon launch the ticket client, first from the movie tickets online booking, we are in the next stage layout, such as in food and beverage, etc. The tickets need to be done, because the Chinese movie ticket market is growing. I lived abroad for ten years, I know foreign people in the end will get into the habit, mainstream 50% to will choose go to the cinema at the weekend. The cinema, film quality and high, and the ticket prices down, very suitable for the websites.

these two years because of the impact of the group purchase, online reservation before some of the sites, including network ticket network, including douban electricity, MTime in go down, the biggest problem is that they want the bureau under the hard wiring, but no online users of technology. Group-buying websites have a large number of online users, and offline team, it is easier to do. Have it might be like other field. But also be careful, because a lot of O2O attempt did not solve the problem of very important, do a half a day doesn’t necessarily have the effect.

tencent technology: a lot of group-buying is the day before, now becomes a discount for a long time, how do you understand this trend?

Shen Boyang: first group-buying services completely different and coupons, coupons biggest drawback is that there is no way to track the effect. Group-buying is itself a closed-loop concept, the effect can track. Another point of view, not only I a group-buying websites in China, from this perspective, more than a day, more than a day is a must, do you want to meet the needs of the consumers.

glutinous rice have 3 to build logistics will be involved in sichuan

tencent technology: I’ve heard that you launched its own brand glutinous rice optimization, why want to launch this category?