Global mobile phone flow distribution: samsung over the world, apple, nokia, respectively, on behalf of the rich and the poor polar regions

recently, the network traffic statistics in its published a survey is very interesting. The report pointed out that the distribution of data traffic global well-known brand mobile phone.

according to StatCounter according to the survey, apple mobile phone user data traffic is mainly produced in the northern hemisphere. Canada, the United States, Russia, France, Italy, Britain and other countries become the main apple mobile phone flow “origin”. In the southern hemisphere, by contrast, are mainly composed of the brand such as nokia, samsung, “control”. The nokia mobile phone flow is mainly produced in Africa and parts of central Asia. As a global mobile phone sales champion, samsung mobile phone flow mainly comes from parts of South America, Asia, and Europe. It is understood that in the southern hemisphere, apple mobile phone flow only from Australia and Vietnam.

according to the different distribution of flow using mobile phone, analysts say: economically developed first world and the development of the third world, in the use of mobile phone brands there are significant differences. Underdeveloped economy in Africa, nokia is low the function of the machine is still very popular. In economically developed European and American countries, however, high-end configuration + elegant design + expensive price iPhone is obviously more market competitiveness. A typical example is: in the home of nokia of Finland, apple mobile phones produce of mobile traffic accounted for 35% , and nokia users to generate mobile traffic accounted for 25% .

the apple mobile data traffic of Australia’s total mobile traffic 66% , total mobile traffic of Canada 63% , of the total mobile traffic 52% . At the same time, a majority of the samsung mobile traffic in Brazil than 36% in Iran of mobile traffic accounted for 47% . In India, apple mobile phone to generate mobile traffic accounted for the country’s total mobile traffic 1% , and samsung’s share is 27% .

in addition, the blackberry is already dying, in two countries and areas, still have a certain strength: in South Africa, blackberry users of mobile traffic accounts for 41% of the region’s total , especially in Guyana (Latin America), blackberry mobile traffic accounted for as much as 27% .

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