Global mobile electricity dry: e-commerce sites to a third flow from the mobile terminal, users prefer to use tablet shopping

with the popularity of Mobile smart devices, Mobile electronic business (Mobile Commerce) has become the potential of the electricity industry. Even so, the Mobile end electricity trading volume (Mobile Commerce the Transactions), also not the number of Mobile intelligent device and high-speed development, fully synchronous direct ratio relation. However, this “equipment” and “trading” gap is gradually reduced.

recently, data from Internet research, according to a study site in the first half of 2013, the global mobile e-commerce transactions amounted to $10.6 billion, accounting for 10% of the total volume of electricity industry.

below is the report of other important research data:

, the average one out of three visitors browsing e-commerce sites, was a login via mobile end;

in the act of all e-commerce transactions, through the PC electricity trade accounted for 90.4% of the proportion of transactions through the smartphone and tablet, were 6% and 3.5%, respectively.

, when shopping, tablet users than smartphone users, more than an average of $9.7. Tablet users in online shopping, in other words, when the amount of money each time, 2 times the smartphone users.

electricity trading activities of different terminal class, will present a different key trade item. Accessories, computer hardware, event tickets, video games and related software and hardware equipment, is the main deal in the mobile electricity trading activity categories.

in addition, due to the end of the critical shopping season, comScore expects of mobile electronic business transactions around the world, will be $25 billion.