Global hackers the cradle of talent: Romania and Bulgaria

Beijing time on April 27, according to Reuters, Romania and Bulgaria peremptory has become a typical of backward economy, science and technology developed, here filled with many hackers and computer experts. From all over the world continuously provide IT skills at the same time, they are also facing a brain drain pinch.

according to the report, in the dark, the pentagon, NASA and the official website of the British royal navy, Romania, code-named “TinKode” hacker to become the country’s network security consulting group, a computer security experts.

TinKode real name is raz, ma le – cut naumann (Razvan Manole Cernaiu). His behavior revealed a lot of government around the world with the company’s security holes, so also be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 2 years.

“I’m very keen to do” security audit “, “he said,” this is a hobby, I volunteered to do the completely. In addition, I often send an email to these institutions, let them repaired.”

cut nao is just the tip of the iceberg for Romania and Bulgaria computer talents. Both are the eu’s poorest members, but low labor costs, skilled workers and strategic geographical location for science and technology industry vigorous development laid a solid foundation. Multinational companies to hire them to do customer support, software development and business outsourcing. Oracle, SAP, IBM, HP, and Siemens are set up commercial center in the area.

the romanian companies GeCaD Microsoft RAV antivirus software research and development and the capital Bucharest Softwin BitDefender antivirus technology by as early as more than a decade ago, last year more than 500 million global users. The emergence of this technology have causal factors. In the 1980 s, the communist party leader nicolae ceausescu Romania (NicolaeCeau? Escu) support computer research and education of science and technology, in order to increase the sense of national pride. 1989 years later, the rampant piracy, people can’t afford to buy genuine software choose cheap copy products.

economic growth bright spot

on the other side of the Danube, Bulgaria’s communists on the hardware. Soviet union had 40% of the computer provided by them. According to statistics, science and technology industry in two regions economy up to 10%. This in a region plagued by recession is one of the few bright spots.

since 2007 to join the European Union, Romania and Bulgaria’s IT industry growth rate respectively were 45% and 80% than the rest of the country. At the same time, Poland, Hungary and the Czech republic’s technology industry growth rate reached 20%. In the last quarter of 2012, Romania’s science and technology industry grew by 40%, avoid the crisis in the whole country into recession again.

however, nao is successful “woo” by the government, but the dark side of science and technology cannot eliminate. The American ambassador to Romania, Romania hackers steal the United States in 2012 account $1 billion in assets. A recent report by the even consider Romania is the second largest after China center of hackers. The central intelligence agency and even set up office in Romania, training professional police agents.

serious brain drain

business outsourcing investment created 15000 jobs in Bulgaria. “Why did you choose Bulgaria? Because it offers a variety of high-end software outsourcing services and solutions, “SAP Bulgaria region general door, Deere d (Plamen Tilev) said,” for low-end solution, such as writing code, test, to Asian countries can.”

Romania and Bulgaria, the biggest worry is that they might become a victim of its own success, causing huge outflow of talents. Tens of thousands of people have to go to the United States as the IT technical experts.

the population of the two countries over the past decade plummet. Companies to urge governments to improve education and training more engineers, including from moldova, republic of Macedonia and the neighbours such as Ukraine and Serbia to introduce more workers. “Over the past decade, this area’s unemployment rate is zero.” Running a software company, Elena Mary nova (Elena Marinova) said. She pay three times the salary still can’t find the right talent.

Bulgaria’s university graduates 2000 IT talents every year, but the industry talent demand up to 6000 people a year. “Because of the lack of talent, the software industry almost choked.” Bulgaria business alliances ICT Cluster manager Peter sderot (Petar Statev) said.

source: tencent technology