Giant style: samsung spent $4.5 billion to build a new r&d center R&d spending up to $10.5 billion last year

for first-class technology companies, research and development (R& D) the cost of enough or not, is directly related to the enterprise will continue to lead the market. As “overlord” of the Android mobile terminal market, samsung has always been willing to invest heavily in research and development of the field.

according to the Korea times reported, the company will spend $4.5 billion in the next three years, and in the country set up five new r&d center. A samsung executives declined to be named, said: “the new r&d center is to ensure that the status of samsung in the consumer electronics industry. The company’s total investment is expected to 5 trillion won.” In addition, he also pointed out that the five r&d center will also include a can accommodate 10000 designers and developers of samsung design center.

in fact, as early as in the previous 2012, the company spent nearly $10.5 billion in research and development alone. As its biggest competitor, apple company in the field of investment of just $3.4 billion.