Giant “enclosure” new example: tencent video exclusive English drama


4 on and day, one of China’s leading online video media platform, tencent video announced with BBC Worldwide , ITV Studios , Fremantle Media , All3Media International , Endemol and so on six big production company introduction of cooperation to achieve the most British drama in China resources, nearly 500 set the hits will be the sole settle tencent video, forming the nation’s largest English drama repository and is committed to build “China’s first English drama platform”, be fond of watching English drama, film and television lovers from now on. Move the cultural and education section of the British embassy, consulate, UK, BBC Worldwide , ITV Studios , All3Media International partners such as the support, is expected to 5 after mid-july tencent online video English drama channel, Chinese netizens will on tencent video platform to watch the latest, most complete, most high-quality selection of English drama. Currently tencent video has begun to cut in exclusive broadcast popular British drama “merlin”, “crazy cities” and “comedy duo”.

the first batch of tencent video to introduce the drama of mainstream covers UK six major studios and television stations, the first batch of 13 department nearly 500 set the play are all domestic exclusive broadcast network, the number is equivalent to the current domestic other similar video service platform the sum total of the number of broadcast the play, worthy in number has become the biggest in the British drama platform. And in series quality, tencent video introduction of English drama is considered fashionable whole world first-rate, covers almost all of the high ratings for the show, including the UK national drama “doctor who”, town in Taiwan drama “flying”, the explanation of topic “black mirror”, and was named “national television awards” merlin “and so on, while others, such as” skins “, “ IT mad men,” the ancient invasion “excellent work and synchronous on-line English drama such as word of mouth. And, more importantly, tencent video also received repertoire for sourcing all have updated the priority right of renewal of season. Chun-ning liu, general manager of tencent’s online video department, said: “tencent video is committed to build China’s largest and most high-quality platform for the English drama, the drama channel brand will become the tencent video characteristics.”

for this cooperation, one of the proprietors British BBC Worldwide think: “through the China’s monthly users of tencent video coverage for the largest single video platform advantages, relying on its powerful user resources and mature content promotion platform and experience, will be promoting the drama is an excellent platform come into China. We observed that tencent film and video, and the United States for a series of cooperation has been a huge success, including launching 24 department of jimei drama TV channels, and with many famous Hollywood films such as warner online “Hollywood cinema” to broadcast live in North America the latest blockbuster hottest, we believe that the successful cooperation and operation experience for the British drama promotion laid a solid foundation in China, also believe that tencent video professional capacity and quality of the user experience will become important guarantee for further cooperation in the future.”

the British embassy in China culture and education counselor ms Pan Lou west ( Lucy Watkins ) said: “tencent and BBC Worldwide copyright companies such as cooperation will focus on playing nearly 500 set high quality series from Britain, Chinese audiences have the opportunity to appreciate the original English drama, feel the infinite charm of the play, unique style and the right sense of humor. We firmly believe that tencent and BBC Worldwide etc. The copyright of the company’s cooperation can make more Chinese audience understand the British drama, constantly improve their understanding of British culture and interest.”

in order to bring more rich experience of video content to the user, in recent years, tencent video in the premium content resources continue to layout, by the British drama, TV drama, Hollywood cinema organic combination of the three content platform, has realized the high-quality goods in Europe and America TV dramas in China of the synchronous polymerization, the polymerization platform will bring users one-stop euramerican newest hottest video content experience, and gradually build up with content for the characteristics of the commercial value of the platform.