Giant chinajoy 】 【 won “sky 2” exclusive generation rights prior to the Korean market will launch from the mainland

the giant network today formally announced the game developers wemade reached a cooperation agreement with South Korea, will get a top online game “heaven 2” in mainland China the sole agent.

this event, in addition to exposure “sky 2” first world CG video and game records video, giant network also released the world debut next operating plan to the clothes, the game will be released ahead of South Korea’s domestic market. The game has not yet released the first test time, but will confirmed as a giant main products annual exhibition ChinaJoy in 2013.

the wemade company that has developed the “legend”, “heaven” and other works, “heaven 2” also took three years to develop a 3 dmmorpg Oriental style. Inherit the development of its rich experience and technology, adopted the self-developed dynamic 3 d engine. In combat, “heaven 2” will be cruel to upgrade, for players to restore a more pure world of action. In addition to the introduction of new accurate idea to fight, in the form of a unique instant combat system and do not specify a target battle system, but also to the players to shape a more free and independent world. And more emphasis on the set of operation, thrusts, blow fly, such as air strikes gorgeous generous action, hit the feeling particularly well, with diverse play of the game and PvP, bring beyond the traditional action experience for players.

this product, the giant gave great importance to it. Vice President Ken peng, said the company has officially project, put the escort team gold medal, the game in the process of perfecting the localization, strive to allow players to experience the game purely action design and epic game experience. Korea developers wemade also said it will actively cooperate with the giant network, joint Chinese players used to carry on the depth development, gradually in more perfect work for you.