Gentle composed by Mr Wang “fight”

about whether WeChat charge has been completely break through the scope of the Internet industry, become the hot topic of public opinion. So WeChat involved on both sides of the latest attitude and how?

weibo outflow composed by peace talk to Mr Wang’s figure

tencent President liu chiping: WeChat as a basic service should no longer be charged extra.

Mr Lau that users have paid the fee based on traffic, and operator for data business development, sales, operators because WeChat etc. Applications received more traffic fee. Foreign markets had a similar, but for this kind of micro letter IM in time, no one country pay for this service

Mr Wang: WeChat traffic fee can’t balance operator network cost.

China mobile strategy advisory committee director, the original China mobile chairman wang jianzhou said, whether for WeChat business charge is a worldwide problem, WeChat does the operator network burden caused by the operators from the user traffic charges is still unable to balance the network cost.

composed by peaceful fight, wang jianzhou speech clearly, tencent and mobile interests appeal. This shows that the two sides also is still in a

your industry colleagues, what do you think?

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