Gates has offered millions of dollars developing the next generation of condoms

Microsoft founder Bill Gates again the world scientists and entrepreneurs to challenge, a $1 million reward for soliciting a revolutionary condom research and development, hope to meet the applicable characteristics of men and women, further to prevent HIV and unwanted pregnancy.

funded by the bill and Melinda gates couple, the world’s largest charity foundation, the bill and Melinda gates foundation, 26, released at the official website of project list, one is “developing the next generation of condoms. This is the foundation in a “global health challenges plan” project, regardless of the students, scientists and entrepreneurs, as long as can bring innovation for condoms, can get a $100000 start-up capital, also offers a $1 million bonus.

the bill and Melinda gates foundation estimates that each year around the world production of 15 billion condoms, users of about 750 million people. The condom has been about 400 years, only a few technical innovation in the past 50 years. The foundation said in a statement: “no matter from the point of view of risk reduce unintended pregnancy, or from the point of view of prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, this new product will benefit human health around the world.”

foundation project officials ward said: “we recognize that, though the condom is cheap and reliable, but they have a disadvantage, too many users think the decrease and destroy the sexual pleasure.”

“materials science and neurobiology in the past 10 years has undergone a revolutionary change, but this knowledge has not been applied to the world’s most widespread and underused products.” Foundation, points out that in order to increase the condom use, a new generation of products in the material, shape and design must be easier to use, such as convenient take packaging, or simplify the wear process, etc. In addition, if can overcome cultural barriers, to borrow from other areas of knowledge (e.g., neurobiology, vascular biology) to increase the new policy of the will of men and women to wear a condom, design also is very good.