Gates blasted Google act of charity show: Internet balloon useless for the poor

Beijing time on August 9, according to foreign media reports, retired from Microsoft founder Bill Gates, focused on charity. Recently in an interview with bloomberg businessweek, gates accident blasted Google, he said Google (derided the “actor”) as many charity projects begin well but end badly, become a stunt, another world people in poor countries, the need to solve practical problems, such as malaria, Google “balloon” online and so on, it will be very hard to help the poor.

gates said: “when people die from malaria, they saw the air has a big balloon, can be used in the Internet I don’t know how the balloon to help them.” The implication, gates to question, to the poor countries people solve the problem of the Internet, how to solve the core problem.

gates said, he also believes that the Internet for the human health care role, but the Internet is not “directly address” disease problem.

gates at present has become the world famous philanthropist, in which health care is a key focus areas. He and his wife’s foundation, has donated $750 million, for studies of malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

gates also attacked Google’s charity record at the same time. Currently, Google through its agency charity plan, each plan all the media attention, in 2006, Google also asked the world health organization, a former Larry – Brilliant responsible for charity, who left office in 2009).

gates said: “Google in charity said we have to do many things at the beginning, they hired Larry – Brilliant, they won the media spotlight, then they stopped all the charity plan, focus on core business, obviously, those who only focus on the core business of the actor, never help the poor.”

prior to that, after several times of natural disasters, Google has launched one disaster early warning, looking for the casualties and other services.

valley song earlier announced the “balloon” online program, and has already started to experiments in New Zealand. The balloon will rise to an altitude of 20 km, and not drift location on a regular basis, the people of the third world countries provide quite in 3 g speed Internet access services. At the same time “balloon” online project, responsible for the Google glasses, driverless cars projects such as Google – laboratory is responsible for X.

it should be pointed out that, Internet access is very important in the Google business business, Google in the United States to provide free wi-fi, launched in Kansas city and other cities also cost-effective super fiber broadband, it is generally believed that the more high-speed and popularization of broadband service, will help improve Google’s search and search advertising revenue.

translation: tencent technology