Gaopeng another round of financing more than $30 million Micro group will be the first to support WeChat pay

(editor: qing nan)

after recently, gaopeng announced today, from the company, tencent joint participation of the new round of financing. Money will be in the commodity group, mobile O2O continuous innovation on the investment.

gaopeng CEO, ‘Mr. Rynning learned: from the merger of three groups, high friends network system integration, integration, personnel month turnover has topped 200 million, operational, already close to make a profit.

however, ‘Mr. Rynning, group company is in the middle have the effect of O2O “2” inside. Is the basic wiring coolie live. After the first wave of growth, the industry requires mode innovation.

gaopeng will do next two things: one is dig O2O sector. By this time a bulk will work is not only the operator but dig Wells. Combined with industry development, continuously to create new value, let the user experience more, until the moment to dig into the blowout. Film group, for example, we will joint operation with QQ movie tickets, looking forward to join the preferential, reservation, WeChat public account services, such as a variety of products, let the user experience to the next level, also helps to theaters, cinemas, party better serve users.

2, with a more open attitude, faster pace group 2.0. Group purchase the first stage, the merchants are passive access. As a bulk “explosive” popular, today’s businesses have no stranger on the Internet. Offline sellers can more independent publishing group. Preferential, group purchase, reservation, micro letter public service platform, and other products to achieve linkage, better service to create online users. August micro group as the first batch of the micro believe it strategic partners meet detail payment, believe the mobile end constantly update products experience sellers can better help our cooperation.

gaopeng had not publicly disclosed the specific amount of financing, but learned from sources that the financing amount more than $30 million. The present high website main institutional shareholders, still for tencent, the company, jun lian capital.