Gamble: Google ready to burn Moto X $500 million promotion

, Google has ready to promote MOTOROLA’s New flagship Moto X , marketing costs could be as high as 5 $.


Moto X wait to on 1 to officially launch the day, but the foreign science and technology media there have been many related to this fact.

its positive can be like this:

on the back of the soft, smooth change motor angular tough manner:

at the same time the phone the main idea of customer custom, the assembly, customizable appearance is main: shell, factory wallpaper, lettering, etc (after launch, need in the channels of MOTOROLA’s official website to customize). Media exposure of customizable color casing is like this:

in addition, this kind of mobile phone in the field of sensor is founding, the : Moto X will carry rich sensor, this is called “contextual understanding of” new function, you can make it clear to the phone you want to do, and automatically provide you with help, such as driving and take pictures offer auxiliary process.

Moto X the configuration of the quadrature in the compasses, reach the current level of flagship (hardware configuration is less than HTC one or samsung the Galaxy S4) . Rumor message, screen size between 4.3 to 4.7 “, “just the right size,” resolution 720 , the compasses. Other Wifi bluetooth or something, and so on industry landmarks along the way. Chips and memory size is not clear, maybe the factory pick up Android 4.2.2 .

from the configuration, the phone maybe price is relatively low. MOTOROLA is perhaps this time want to rely on the so-called “contextual understanding of” soft function to develop the market. But perhaps this phone really doesn’t get you anything feature, only the stunt.