“Fun” valley powder poking fun at Google super crazy IM Hangouts

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with Hangouts more than a month, finally unbearable back Google talk .

I Hangouts :

, this product is different from previous IM , which is based on dialogue ( Conversations ), rather than contact ( Contacts ) IM .



it show the main interface of the dialogue, rather than the contact list. (like micro letter, etc)


, it first contacts page shows the common contact


, you can’t delete within the application / / add contact, but through dialogue to add contact. And it contacts from now on your phone number (with) the contact list, you + contact list, you Gmail contact (and former Google talk contact, they are included in the gmail contact)

so as a user, you got one of the most troubled of confused contact list.

it is not to understand the user habit, but try to make the users to understand it.

2 , refractory confusion

the old and New users to get the Hangouts , will feel confused. I used a month still confused.

this contact, not according to the categories or based on online or not and less on each other and do Hangouts to line up, but as a mess show in front of the user.

you ordered a number of people to be “ hangouts “ , it tells you clockwork SMS to let him open to the other party;

you ordered a gmail contact, it sent hangouts invitation, you don’t know each other, can be received when will receive invitation (if the other party didn’t Google +, he will receive no invitation. If the other party have + , he also needs to set up open “my invitation notice” to accept the invitation.

3 , like general account system

phone contacts, Gmail contacts, + contact Hangouts which people really want to service?

it think all packages, so to get their unity to the contact page. However, these three are distinct.

as long as there is now gmail account, the default open hangouts, but it set rely heavily on + system;

at the same time it also claims that the future can receive text messages (so the starting page have a phone number to verify), so it will pull your phone contacts,

in addition, its future (now PC on the channel has been integrated Google Voice ), and VOIP .

from the point of the current layout, it is to want to do Whatsapp , also want to do Skype , at the same time also replace Google talk , in addition to pull on his brother + . Virtually Hangouts only a user will feel good, that is the social relationship and your real life has a number of friends also have a + G + .

4 , IM should be what look like?

Hangouts based on conversational design concept, has violated the