Full sent strands of ma powder how many money? At least 4.25 billion dollars!

small micro gold suit, that is, before the alipay announced the equity of the latest project: take out 32.7% of the company, among all the alibaba and small group of employees. Microblog has blasted pot. Such a large scale to employees sent shares “in Chinese enterprises, a former teacher, all the shares in Mr Ma’s name, this time he is cut out. How many money does the equity value, I also try to August.

to calculate how much jack ma, the bulk goods, first to assess the value of alipay. Pay treasure is a privately held company, the valuation should be different opinions, now more general calculation method based on 2011 ma, yahoo and softbank tripartite agreement for reference, we can also according to the calculated this way.

the framework agreement is this: if alipay, alibaba need to be paid one-time cash returns, returns to pay treasure listed in 37.5% of the total market value (the IPO price shall prevail), returns will not be less than $2 billion and not more than $6 billion. To push, three to pay treasure to accepted valuation range of $5.3 billion to $16 billion (2 billion/37.5%=5.3 billion; 60/37.5 %=16 billion).

$5.3 billion – $16 billion that’s a big range, how much? First of all, to be sure, the small value of not less than $10 billion today. Why, jingdong a electricity firm, valuations are more than $100, millet valuations are now up to $9 billion, small micro valuation will be less than $10 billion? Killed also don’t believe it!

a moment to take a conservative values of between $100 – $16 billion – $13 billion to see (why is behind the conservative slowly speak). According to the small equity allocation, except the small micro 32.7% stake to Mr Ma’s all ali department employees, if 13 billion dollars to pay treasure to market valuation, the stake will be worth $4.25 billion!

wave to spread out more than $40, cow B!!!! And so on, this story is not the end. But as said earlier, the market capitalisation of $13 billion is only a conservative estimate. Because of the look from the current development situation, small micro listed, ali will underestimate the value of scale, never overestimate. Especially the rise of the Internet financial to small microstrip to great growth dividend background, future even $16 billion would not be a small micro market value of the ceiling.

it up? We might as well look for baidu, tencent do reference, why did you choose this two, for the following reasons. First of all, small micro now in the market with the baidu, tencent listed is very similar to that of the early industry is a huge potential in all parts of the three companies and in the initial class. Second, small micro current size and position, and baidu, tencent close to the situation.

baidu listed on nasdaq in 2005, the market value of only $870 million, in the search market in subsequent years, its market value as a rocket, from $900 million to $45 billion, than listed in the early market to turn over more than 50 times. Tencent is more exaggerated, since listing was 2004, nine years of time, market value to turn over 100 times at an astonishing $100 billion.

you can see the value of baidu, tencent has experienced several times or even one hundred times in the growth process, and the highest value reached tens of billions of dollars. With the potential of small, not surprisingly, value of the next few years than it is now over a few times that is normal, estimated that at least $40 billion or more.

in order to calculate the market value, jack ma, the scattered gold 400 * 32.7%=$13.08 billion! Stunned, don’t say what a Chinese entrepreneur “giving” record, has the wealth, you can become the 2013 Forbes rich list ranked 7th in the rich, what ma, robin li, the Internet’s richest man, is weak. Of course, it is a pity that money is more than 20000 points.

actually, Mr. Ma’s “giving” there is precedent. 07 the B2B market, jack ma, the bulk of equity among the 4900 employees (the profit by the staff of the ali was about 65% of total employees), only left his account for less than 5% equity stake in the company. Just this once more thoroughly than last time.

we often hear said so-and-so how much wealth, but rarely hear people mention how much so-and-so scattered away. In fact, if net worth wealth reflects the individual brilliance, then dare to share and abandon wealth is a person’s energy and mind. So, no matter what your personal or not xi ma, unavoidable fact is that, Mr Ma’s self-interest, never his figure or a big ambition. On the other hand, such people more money to him is really not much different from the less money. Perhaps his wealth is Forbes rich, also is not the company’s largest shareholder, but he is more worthy of respect.