Full resolution “and” : ali social strategic defense

ask authors in the field of electricity ali why do such a social product, is to ask the lead in the field of social tencent QQ mall, why do such an electric business platform, it is for respective ecological areas outside of strategic defense. In order after the investment, acquisition Momo, sina weibo, as their own production of will and social products, including flourishing letter together as a new move later alibaba in the field of social mobility.

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there are WeChat, why do they do?

alibaba investment sina weibo, why do they do?

alibaba investment is devoted to the stranger, why do they do?

alibaba has flourishing letter, why do they do?

alibaba has micro tao, why do they do?

for ali produced social products, from ali internal opposition than the direct, violent, and even some ali staff joked: “ali is doing the best social product is ali Intranet, ali.”

associate director Zou Mengrui for all electronic retailing reporter said: “this suggests that got a real attention, to clarify the product idea can be very useful, as long as it is on advice, and will be adopted.”

for the past two years, the basic fundamental is in a state of silent, until August 19, alibaba group CEO Mr. Lu in ali Intranet sent a reward, encourage employees ali promote their product “and” social tool, which attract the most active users, employees will reward 100000 yuan (after tax).

in the past two years, mainly in the ali group internal testing, according to the update ali employee feedback iteration, looking for a product idea, also experienced from pure share to chat and share, transferred to the mobile terminal from the Web end, wrong, wrong again, again to determine what to do, how to get to the process.

now basic molding product shape, product function, and can be made public appearance, Mr. Lu’s price is to warm up first.

in the next period of time, about going back and forth, the outside world will also have a lot of “ali without the social gene”, “ali without getting rid of buying and selling relationship”, “ali social product in its form”, and so on, and team is ready, this is a process can only rely on the product to talk.

how did you come from?

, WeChat compared with m chat, the time is not late, but there appeared before and after.

two years ago in 2011 or Facebook and Google +, renren, m chat was gaining momentum, micro letter within the tencent also hatch was a new business, and have also begun to hatch within the ali.

according to one of the founding staff Jerry memories, Mr. Ma, Mr. Lu was respectively in different occasions group said, ali can find a small team make a purely social products, Andy (Leon, ali group information platforms group) also think ali do a social product, the time is ripe. Jerry from alibaba international division and several colleagues are interested in a small team, to develop a Web based the social product, and was born.

meet the social demand is the product direction, what specific choice to implement the product shape?

at the time to Share, the Share of Facebook, Google + normalizing, so choose the products similar to Google + form, therefore also acquired a technology company called Shark.

in try to process, and team found predominantly share Facebook product shape is not suitable for replication to China, Europe and the United States public social demand is the “sun” is given priority to, original content very much, and the social demand in China is mainly to chat, in content is given priority to with “forward”, because share limited frequency, user viscosity is not high, it is also a kaixin, renren will be the real cause of the rapid decline, and to meet the demands of a chat IM represented by mobile social networking products have begun to emerge.

in May 2012, from tencent Zou Mengrui to join, start to comb the product configuration and product function.

on the premise of social direction invariable, and begin to determine from the Web class Google + to give priority to with mobile terminal, IM chat function stronger.

although going back and forth now classified in ali 25 division under the cloud OS, but Zou Mengrui report directly to the alibaba group CEO Mr. Lu, the future not rule out the possibility of establishment of an independent business, this is enough to justify ali wants to do social products.

it is understood that Mr. Lu is severe experienced users, coming and going from public Web side go to APP version now, old miss (Mr. Lu) are hardcore users, often for the first time to use feedback to the new version of the.

and what is it?

in the past two years, and indeed there have been many times product form, but the direction of the social product remained unchanged.

year after Zou Mengrui join team combed through product repeatedly, eventually determine the mobile Internet as the core, the product shape as IM, product features focused on chat + share, product keywords around “acquaintances”, “mobile”, “life” to do.

the so-called “acquaintance relationship” refers to the ali group existing lines of business are based on the transaction of business relationship, social relationship, acquaintances.

from the perspective of the social products of ali has layout, prosperous and flourishing letter on the Web and mobile terminal to buyer seller relationship communication experience this is good enough, Momo relationship do strangers, so going back and forth on the product shape, function relationship between acquaintances around to do, other relationships are no longer touch, give priority to with acquaintances relationship of mobile phone address book will be a function key, and like WeChat “shake”, the “scan”, “near the relationship around strangers” function will not have to do.

the so-called “mobile” refers to the main do the APP based on mobile devices, Web side remains, but as auxiliary, in simple terms, and ali more important task is to secure a ticket of the mobile Internet.

the so-called “life” and meet the demand of life social in the scene. Since positioning acquaintances relations, so in addition to sharing, chatting, take place between acquaintances of AA micropayments, music sharing is that these requirements can be resolved by going back and forth in the form of IM.

cluster is a unique feature, across the team’s idea comes from the “group” for dinner. Cluster form between “subject” and “circle”, the user is friends are discussing the topic, and then add in the discussion, the number of people involved into multiple geometric growth, the topic has been more and more friends to see, share and chat functions are realized, the realization form is more diverse and flexible.

Along the process

do transactions, the team found that there is a problem is very interesting, is thinking and the relationship with the electricity or relationship with various business block of ali.

although as ali their products, and from team at first was very exclusive and electricity element any involvement, even think as long as the related social is not pure, with ali will not take any business.

after the company gradually understand ali, Zou Mengrui also found that taobao users in addition to the strong consumer demand also has a strong social demand. Such as digital enthusiasts like yourself after the taobao consumer product how to play, how to play out the pattern, communicate with compatriots to have very strong desire, very need to have a social product to communicate.

in the real scene, chat the user’s demand and consumption demand is often cross fusion in daily life scenes, rather than have very obvious dividing line. Frequently, the situation is: chatting chatting with may will go to buy something, buy after listen to a song, after receiving the goods, and want to communicate together. Behind this series of actual demand, you may be open, and open taobao, flourishing letter, also drove the shrimp, these are accomplished in every business products of ali.

noticed this, and began to change train of thought, that is to say as a social product, contact with ali’s many business is not an insurmountable gap between hydrophobic shoulds not be blocked.

the current bank account with taobao through, one is to try. If social to and from the future to meet user needs and on the premise of respecting the will of the user, can also meet acquaintances social business integration in ali, seamlessly together is not a possibility.

from the perspective of a micro letter latest revision, micro letter to support micropayments, support Yi Xun commodity purchase, tencent have begun to put its money tied tenpay and electricity business.

of course, and how to better meet the social needs and not by other demand shock, from product function implementation ideas.

Zou Mengrui said, as ali’s other products such as micro love tao tao, began to try to “subscribe” to meet the demand of users, and not disturb no demand of users, this is going back and forth can draw lessons from.

and want where to go?

all the products from 0 to 1 this process is hard, thin ice, the first step is difficult, it is very difficult, want to break the ice, if there is a point of not grab it may not, so, the letter also experienced the process, but with different through the duration of this process.

before the social gene of ali, and chat with meters and other IM products are the first generation of entrepreneurship, and the micro believe success is partly stood on the shoulder on the QQ, belong to the rich second generation of business success.

micro letter also does not have how many users at the beginning, users climb slowly, also with other IM products base in a run speed. Later WeChat began the introduction of QQ features, and support WeChat can also accept QQ messages, plus import of the mobile phone QQ relationship chain, tencent QQ get copied on WeChat social genes.

but believe that the price of success is very big also, cause a downturn of the mobile phone QQ users straight line, and has been in decline, actually two product functions, experience the difference is not big.

Zou Mengrui said, someone walking this road success, doesn’t mean to walk this path to success, just as when there has been a ebay, taobao is not so.

that the perfection of the product user viscosity, the most direct feedback is the use of the time, and the positioning from idealized pure share to also consider the user’s real demand is given priority to with chat to social life service so that a more useful, more practical, this process, not for the sake of SNS SNS.

on July 22, 2013, WeChat downtime for four hours, WeChat user can’t receive send WeChat messages messages, unable to send and receive public account, unable to group chat, cannot refresh WeChat circle of friends, and some other tencent service cannot use, WeChat users had to run to the microblog “black humor”.

but after speech, we are beginning to realize that a problem, if the micro letter down again, also can use? This is the meaning of other IM products is.

to and including the emergence of the yi letter to a certain extent, is to let the user choose the alternative social product, insist to do and the reason for this is ali.

taobao users like QQ users are almost equivalent to the Chinese netizens, taobao user consumption demand also have social demand, how to meet the demand of the two, this is why ali must do social networking, PC Internet era, the mobile Internet era, and is just the beginning.

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