Full keyboard undead: MOTOROLA Droid 5 photos were leaked, still retains the sideslip qwerty keyboard

recently, new tide, from samsung flip intelligent mobile Hennessy and the Galaxy Golden to Verizon the latest release of sideslip keyboard machine LG Enact , the traditional smartphone design elements, it seems, is starting a new agitation restoring ancient ways. Hurriedly to Moto X MOTOROLA will not fall after people to a handful of wind restoring ancient ways. From the current leakage of Droid5 photos, equipped with sliding keyboard Droid5 is MOTOROLA Show wind restoring ancient ways is one of the works.

from Droid5 can see, in the name of the Droid5 will be follow Droid4 series of products, so the Droid5 and Droid4 keep the same side of the keyboard design it is no surprise. Review Droid4 , we will find Droid4 to the Droid the best series, sliding keyboard is also a very good machine. Smart phones in the same period, however, by contrast, can be found Droid4 has slightly delay the timing of the launch. So hard to avoid lets the human feel doubt, in the present world big screen thin body plus quad-core processors in the mobile phone market, Droid4 this kind of smart phone whether there is enough development prospects.

if the spy trust information, so obviously, MOTOROLA naturally think of development prospect. Reportedly Droid5 will keep Droid4 the characteristic, carrying 5 line QWERTY , and 4.5 “screen.

at the same time, the rumor said Droid5 will support wireless charging and NFC (near distance wireless communication). Photos, Droid5 on the fuselage with telecommunication operators Verizon Logo , with reference to previous Droid4 set, it is not hard to see Droid5 or can support Verizon LTE 4 g Internet.

of Droid5 information is not sufficient, still unable to outline its looks like.


Droid5 with MOTOROLA latest the Droid and MotoX as the by 8 computing systems, it will be quite worth looking forward to, after all, no touch operation and Active Display etc were alerted to the fact that more distinctive features.

however, if the rumors are true, we pay attention to the problem is still the same: dear user, you can also purchase sideslip keyboard machine?