Fruit ninja, “temple run 2” will be the first letter in the micro gaming platform

(editor: qing nan)

after a few days ago after signing the fruit ninja, tencent company again today announced that it signed by Imangi Studios LLC, the development of “Temple Run 2” Temple Run 2), and this is the first release will pick up detail letter game platform of the third party developers products. At that time, “the fruit ninja” and “temple run 2” will be in the future of tencent mobile gaming platform in the form of exclusive customised version released.

it is reported, tencent company will held a conference in Beijing on July 3, official mobile game platform, WeChat platform in details. The company, said in its including WeChat, mobile phones QQ, QQ games hall application, mobile phone QQ space, treasure every mobile platform resources, such as integration, launched a new tencent mobile gaming platform, through the unified management and operation, to assist partners to build a suitable for different users of mobile games.

tencent adjusted since last year’s architecture, started to strengthen the strategy of mobile games, among them, the WeChat is more preparation in the games business, this is also a new mobile platform is shouldering the commercialization.

however, there are also, according to analysts WeChat priority for mobile game: tencent, independent research and development of mobile phone games, tencent investment company research and development of mobile phone games, the last is the domestic third party developers of the game, and the third party developers of the game will not be allowed to check-in WeChat immediately.