From southeast Asia to the United States WeChat and even my offensive and global expansion

it is reported, tencent has established WeChat office in the United States, officially into the United States. The micro letter into the United States, in addition to face Skype , Kik , Whatsapp outside North America rivals, such as face even I also from Asia Line . And this is not the first time that between WeChat and even I encounter.

WeChat is developed by China’s tencent company phone class IM application, is famous for its language intercom function. Line is a subsidiary of the south Korean company in Japan NHN JAPAN the development of mobile phone IM application, groups, and have free call function, at the same time with many interesting textures and performing words for the user to choose from, and created huge Line application of service for the user.

WeChat currently has more than 3 billion users, but the absolute most users from China market. Even I 2013 , 1 on 11 daily number breakthrough 1 , the 4100 from Japan, nearly 6000 users from around the world, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, southeast Asia, the United States, with the vast Spanish area. Micro letter in China and even the I base in Japan is very strong, although I entered China, but it is hard to imagine that both sides can attack to the person in the home market.

even I both profitable and leading WeChat first experience of international expansion.

WeChat 2012 years onto the road of international expansion, the first stop is the Hong Kong and southeast Asia, and even I in Taiwan, Hong Kong and southeast Asian countries the market leading position, although WeChat once (note that was once occupy appstore phone IM categories downloads, but unable to shake even I dominance in this market. And southeast Asia are not China, tencent has no channels and marketing advantage. Even my Japanese background is in the southeast Asian market occupy the advantage of natural, Japanese anime has a wide range of cultural penetration in east Asia, southeast Asia, even my comic style card stick very fit the user’s psychological southeast Asia. I very high degree of attention to the southeast Asia market,

WeChat in the market competition strategy reflects the tencent company has always been the same style: imitation (or copy) even my pattern and style. Even I invite hours endorsement in Taiwan, a great success.

WeChat rainie and show offers endorsements

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I is famous for its cartoonish expression card posted

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micro letter followed suit

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even WeChat put “booty call artifact” in China has carried out:

now WeChat set up offices in the United States, the two sides of extended front again. In the United States market, even my advantage as well as in southeast Asia, only a half a step ahead. Even my north American office set up earlier, in addition to responsible for the U.S. market, also responsible for Latin America market. Even I extremely popular in Latin American Spanish area countries, while in the United States is also a new entrants, has yet to take root. Even I recently hired American rapper doug as spokesperson, the snow where the children to the United States send information publicity with Japanese style cartoon figures how tide. A move aimed at hope contact Japanese manga influence on American market breakthrough. But the United States, after all, is not Taiwan hours model can successfully copy still hard to say.

micro letter slow even I half a step, but still have the opportunity to fight. WeChat in many international market has been even I suppress, if you can’t get advantages in the north American market, that means the global expansion of WeChat failure. IM is different from other types of applications, high viscosity, belong to the “winner takes all” type of competition. A region may only hold a same type product.

even I with micro expansion in the United States, the first opponent is Kik , whatsapp , facebook , etc., but their product morphology and micro letter, even I difference is bigger, can be differentiated competition. called Imessage — , Google talk limited to IOS and android each platform, Skype although popular cross-platform road after a buyout by Microsoft. So even WeChat markets in the United States and I are not too similar, product shape their biggest enemy is North America user habit, can you accept this kind of application of Asian style.

WeChat set up offices in North America, 2013 years will invest a lot of energy on the us market for a celebrity endorsement? And the mainstream carriers? However, in North America for WeChat and hegemony of the tencent company in China, is a very strange market. But the international expansion of micro letter if you want to achieve success, 2013 year, the United States – this is the micro letter may also be the last best chance! And even I would never sit back.