Fresh fruit CEO Liang Gongjun: RSS is dead? Personalized reading eternal life

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founder Liang Gongjun fresh fruit

Liang Gongjun

sad Google Reader users

Google Reader will shut down in July this year, millions of loyal subscribers to get mad, even reports that a large number of users will launch a petition to the government in the United States.

what is going on?

a lot of users over the years has been to Google Reader or fresh fruit Reader, Pocket as his “life”, the company, Dropbox common tools, why Google to turn off this service?

from Google’s point of view, the company is a dime a dozen product line needs to simplify, the resources need to focus on the strategic product, Google +, moreover, the demand of the reader can also in Google + part to meet, so only millions of users, without profit, also provide free API interface to the numerous third-party services, pure consumptive reader, in the “spring cleaning” bosses, ruthless killing solution can also.

RSS is dead? Personalized reading life

personalized reading has been the dream of many people in the Internet. Before ten years, we try to use RSS (subscription) mechanism to solve; Now, you try to use Follow (attention) mechanism to solve.

RSS really dead? RSS Reader is only one of the high-end crowd use, niche products, there is no possible to is very big, but the RSS Reader is trying to solve the problem of the “personalized reading” (cut in polymerization, noise reduction to weight, select recommended), everyone is related to the future way/processing information is big. In solving the “personalized reading” the way of question, RSS protocol as the information content of the entire network polymerization solution, still be helpful. A unique and fresh fruit broadcast at home abroad, for example, actually can be regarded as RSS Reader in an evolutionary version of the mobile devices. On this topic, refer to the old “>

personal thought, RSS Reader is still submerged, fast reading good tools, fresh fruit as facilitator of individuation reading, will continue to provide this service. Millions of subscribers to Google bosses, put if off; But for fresh fruit, we will see if treasures.

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