French intelligence glasses to challenge Google at a low price: $300

abstract: not only Google glasses market targeting the intelligence. Are now known to at least 11 companies trying to “push the nose my face”, seeking intelligent glasses market. French company Opinvent is one of the ‘ORA – S300 expected $300 price is quite competitive.

French start-up Opinvent analysis said, people need more and more preferences should be equipped with a bigger screen smart glasses. There is no denying the fact that Google Glass is by far the most well-known smart apparel products. But Kayyan Mirza, said Google Glass does not fully meet the needs of people.

this week three, Ars Optinvent interviewed by reporters in blue bottle, CEO of the company new product prototype ORA -s to understand in detail.

ORA – S, is a smart glasses

development ORA – S start-up Optinvent from France, the headquarters is located in the northwest wren city. Is investigating the wearable technology since 2007, over the years has developed a lot of relevant patents, its research some aspects in wearable technology far earlier than Google. Optinvent is like Microsoft, companies such as samsung, with generous funding base to prepare to move into wearable electronics.

in recent stage, wearable electronic devices is a focus in the industry. In 2012 alone, including hearing AIDS, watches and other related products to the market value of a total of nearly 9 billion. According to industry analysis firm ihs Global Insight survey, wearable electronics market in 2018 to reach 19 billion at least. Shane, an analyst with ihs Global Insight Walker of Ars, including Google, nearly 11 companies are developing similar intelligent glasses products.

in Shane’s view, “Google Glass will maintain its leading position in the market (not surprisingly Google Glass will soon be more user). But I also believe that other similar products if you can do a good job in market segmentation has considerable development space. Recon for example is a into the movement of intelligent glasses.”

Shane also mentioned that the 11 products almost all have adopted similar display technology, one of the most unique is the “Meta. Using the augmented reality displays, and built-in gesture recognition function.

ORA -s vs. Google Glass

unlike Google Glass, ORA – S shape at present is mainly large frames, sunglasses, industrial wind. ORA -s prism part of the visible within the field of vision, while Google Glass prism part mainly in the upper part of the natural line of sight, is relatively not blocking the line of sight.

Mirza said in an interview, ORA -s display area is larger than Google Glass a lot – screen size proportion is 16:9, ORA – S Angle of 25 degrees, surface area is greater than Google Glass for three times. ORA – S show more bright, resolution and higher quality.

ORA -s, weighs 70 grams of big

ORA – S version of the first developers planning is due out in December 2013, priced at $950, built-in related SDK. While the formal sale version is expected to launch in 2014. Mirza, the price is expected to around $300.

Shane, analysts said, the price of $300 will be very competitive. If Optinvent smoothly to launch ORA – 300 S, or will have considerable market.

at present, Optinvent temporary not produced the final product, in an interview with Ars only provides the product model. ORA -s model weighed 70 grams (2.4 ounces), the thick lenses with go and similar industrial safety glasses, on the right side of the frame of box parts into the bulk of the electronic components.

situation is similar to that of a trial earlier this year Google Glass, ORA -s to some of the heavier than expected. As glasses to the party, the author try also slightly uncomfortable in a few minutes. (after all glasses in 13 grams weight.)

after the access to the computer, ORA – S can be used as a second screen to display. ORA -s are similar to the Android system at the bottom of the screen in the toolbar. Mirza in the interview part shows the adapter application operation, including route planning instruction functions (Turn – by – Turn Directions). Mirza said, ORA -s will eventually operation optimization of Android, and support the voice control. But it is unclear how will the interaction pattern implementation – think the user how to operate the App? Can’t shout every few seconds on a “left pages, right pages”.

anyway, ORA – S are still prototype, not the actual production of the final product. It is difficult to assert that the use of the final product experience will be how to. Temporarily haven’t ORA – S ‘OK, Glass or other features.

now Optinvent alternative is called “Flip – Vu” design.” Flip – Vu “hinge technology can make the display screen (including front-facing camera) moves down, so that the user’s field of vision will no longer be impeded. From Australia had reported last month that Optinvent augmented reality (AR) technology company Wikitude reached cooperation intention. Presumably, ORA or will further using AR technology to improve the user experience.

Mirza also admitted that consumer finished products, will also pay attention to reduce the thickness and weight of the frame. After all, even if the ORA – S all kinds of good, appearance is too obtrusive or easy to abandon. Mirza said, technical research is now trying to weaken the smart glasses the presence of the heavy framework.

now, to imagine the cafe is full with ORA -s, estimates are still a little difficult. When people use a wearable device, as when using smartphones, will be what scene?