France telecom CEO: iPhone is too expensive for the europeans

Beijing time on April 5, according to foreign media reports, Europe’s biggest mobile operator, France telecom CEO Stephen Richard (Stephane Richard), said that the European consumers more and more pinch pennies, which hindered the apple iPhone and other expensive mobile phone sales. This could be just what the iPhone sales flat in Europe and one of the reasons behind the Android mobile phone.

“consumers more and more concerned about the price,” Stephen Richard said, “in addition to a small number of people will go to buy the latest iPhone, most people feel difficult about buying the product.” Perhaps this is the impact of the crisis in the euro zone, may also be the europeans to large sums of cash to buy mobile phones to be cautious. Richard explained that more and more consumers in wireless services for lower prices, and longer service life of the old phone, even at the time of conversion operator service still insist on not in mobile phones.

“we are in a period of consumption behavior change,” Richard said, “the early adopters of less and less, after the next iPhone things could be more obvious. Sales at a price of $600 a mobile phone has more and more difficult.”

a market research firm IDC, according to data released last November Android occupies 75% of the global smartphone market share, apple’s market share of less than 15%. Kantar, another market research institutions also issued similar data at the same time, according to the Android majority market share in Europe, and the iOS market share fell slightly.

this is likely to be many market analysts think apple needs to launch one of the reasons for cheap version of the iPhone. In the United States, they say, although apple market performance is excellent, but low-cost mobile phone helps to promote apple in other markets such as Europe’s revenue and market share.

apple may follow this advice. There is talk that apple is developing a larger screen, the fuselage thicker, the price lower plastic shell smartphone, might come out next year at the earliest. Such devices will work with the apple version of aluminum iPhone to complement the existing a high price.

translation: tencent technology