Foxconn’s “marriage” Mozilla, will launch 5 Firefox OS device

the firefox (firefox) “testing the waters” after the new mobile phone, foxconn official recently announced that it will cooperate with Mozilla, with at least 5 new equipment, including a tablet computer.

today, in the computex Taipei 2013 press conference, Mozilla CEO li gong and Taiwan foxconn innovative digital business group general manager Liu Yangwei (Young Liu) launched a new prototype tablet. It is reported, which is as an anonymous OEM (original equipment manufacturer) design.

although, about this new product specifications and price are not revealed, but in the question and answer session, Mozilla, said a spokesman for their own it OS very confident. He claimed that the operating system to gain a foothold in the mature markets and emerging markets.

besides, foxconn and Mozilla also said that they will be at least 5 new equipment was introduced in the future, and stressed that the two sides will further expand cooperation, not just confined to smartphones and tablets. Foxconn, the company said it will take advantage of its extensive portfolio, promote the development of super “platform” Mozilla system, including the television screen or signal.

when asked, these developments will have on foxconn’s status as a “brand” impact, d, says foxconn is not a brand, it will continue to play the role of processors. The partnership, the purpose is to “combination”, in order to Mozilla’s quality operating system to find the hardware to match. No more details, because two people, said more hardware configuration and the price will be decided for OEM yourself.

for foxconn and Mozilla, this will be the turning point of them beyond their flagship products and services. From Mozilla perspective, the cooperation will be its further use mobile operating system to move into a new opportunity in the field of mobile Internet; For foxconn, it will also make it get rid of the hat of the pure consumer goods assembly plant, towards diversification.

actually before this, Mozilla has formed a “dot” in the field of mobile network. In February last year, the mobile world congress in Barcelona, the company has officially announced and LG, ZTE (ZTE, huawei and other mobile operators launch new equipment, to enter the Latin American and European markets.

after that, the Spanish an unknown small hardware companies take the lead in the cooperation agreement before into reality, launched a mobile phone called “Geeksphone”. In march then introduced two developers version of this phone, called the “Peak” and “Keone”. The two versions of the popular smartphone, the first batch of products sold out in a few hours.

at the same time, in addition to huawei, zte, eventually, of course, or for apple, hardware device assembly, foxconn is trying to expand their business areas, efforts towards diversification development goals. We have seen recently, foxconn has not assembled by the biggest apple, instead, the apple “hug” and to realize comprehensive company (asus’s hardware providers).