Fox: a new generation of the iPhone will use 64 A7 processor, speed increase of 31%

although, a new generation of the iPhone’s all sorts of rumors and speculation, have been reported many times, but considering the following the news are available, and therefore decided to your loyal reader in.

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, the new generation iPhone will use 64 apple A7 processor, speed will be 31% higher than that of the iPhone 5.

this news first by the fox news reporter Clayton Morris (Clayton Morris) revealed on his Twitter. At the same time, the media also pointed out that science and technology, the company is a new generation of the iPhone prototype machine, testing 64 A7 processor.

the A7 64 processors, in addition to make new iPhone has more smooth, strong image processing ability, still can let it become more save electricity.

the news, immediately on Twitter has attracted a great deal of discussion. Some netizens think, is testing is not to be used for the upcoming release of a new generation of the iPhone. Others believe that apple will not launch 64 A7 processor, contrary meeting in 2014, launched a 64 – bit A8.

analysts believe that the new generation iPhone will also continue to maintain the dual-core processor. However, if the news said (64 A7 processor speed increased by 31%), then a new generation of iPhone processing capacity will be enough to release, such as LG, samsung, HTC’s high-end phones.


illustration for the apple iPhone 5 on the A6 processor used