Foursquare, the only way to save themselves, and group company mergers

Beijing time on April 7 news, the United States TechCrunch recently published a signed by Jon Evans (Jon Evans) review article, the article argues that the location Foursquare check-in service company is the only way to save themselves and group company merger, and vigorously develop the check-in service, instead of map service development.

the following is the full text articles:

to Foursquare company, now is under strain. “Check-in service is no longer as popular as in the past.” The TechCrunch reporter Ingrid – Aaron’s (Ingrid Lunden) observation after said last month. People agree that the “Foursquare more like shops review site Yelp.” This comparison is not necessarily a compliment, especially when people questioned whether Yelp have more cases of brand influence.

mobile payments company Square current COO and former VCS Khosla Ventures partner Keith pulls the Persian (Keith Rabois) has publicly criticised Foursquare company promote Michael ze (Michael Lazerow) yarns. La ze luo who deals with people like pull the Persian when can criticize the company founder.

Foursquare, co-founder of Dennis Crowley (Dennis Crowley) responded: “pull the Persian and others have been hostile… In spite of this, Foursquare will still be the location of the Internet layer.”

language well, it’s a pity that I don’t understand his meaning. According to his meaning, the powerful check-in service is only equivalent to photo-sharing service sets a filter, it will soon be replaced by “the location of the Internet layer”? What does that mean in the long run? This means that the Foursquare company will launch a service map. In crowley’s own words, it is like Harry Potter (Harry Potter) as the “magic map”.

this doesn’t sound like a wise strategy. To borrow a famous American programmers, venture capitalists, blogs, and technical writer Paul Graham (Graham), in the words of “competing with Google is not the worst. You are the worst part is Google compete with best field.” Of course, this also will compete with apple, apple map has been steadily improved since the first setback. Every year at the same time, Google launched several great map function, such as skiing path or underwater street view service.

please carefully consider, in the long term, Foursquare more than Google and apple have a chance to really “to be the location of the Internet layer”? Want to know, Google and apple to map service is extremely serious.

yes, Foursquare, API (application programming interface) is very useful. Excellent API, however, cannot do great company. And, despite Foursquare is acclaimed as the most friendly for developers, but its rivals are a dime a dozen, such as Yelp, Google Places and Factual, and so on.

so, I don’t want to say, but Keith Persian words is one thousand percent correct. In front of the strong competitors such as Yelp, pale Foursquare company strategy; In front of Google and apple, they like to take the leakage situation of logging in female siren and gram force between the maelstrom.

this is struggling Foursquare, ready to do? You may ask. I have a plan, that is, Foursquare company and group company mergers.

, etc., hear me out. I know you must think: bad idea! Or you think: listen, man, two heads are on the top is not a. When flagging financial situation, the company fired the CEO.

but is, might as well think about it. What is its own unique? It has connected with a large number of small businesses. Although these relationships are often worse, after all, there is a relationship exists. And reflect what Foursquare uniqueness? Instead of “layer” geographical position, check-in service. What kind of business model can play a role? Let users have a destination sign in – “buy something for my mom” or “hungry want to eat”, a large number of coupons, and timely access to nearby retailers and a commission from the sales.

this is Foursquare has been doing. Let the check-in service really play a role, however, they must get enough small businesses involved. The company has cooperative relations with a large number of small businesses.

you might say I am a fool or a madman. But, I think, if the two losers can be combined to so they may be turning around. Of course, this is from the point of view of long-term development. But, I think, for their cooperation and development is not necessarily better than its independent development the amount of time longer for success.

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