Foursquare out self-service advertising platform

a can rely on effective profitable mobile Internet advertising company, will need to provide advertising businesses with easy and convenient way of advertising. Even a small advertisers also need not contact through personnel can easily buy advertising.

Facebook a few years ago has adopted this kind of self-service advertising business model, Twitter is to build a similar platform. Google through self-service still to reap the profits. Now Foursquare also took to the self-service advertising business services.

of Foursquare users, may be in use process found no apparent change. But look carefully, the user can find more local stores and restaurants will pop-up ads in the appropriate place. In fact Foursquare change mainly found in the background. Foursquare used the self-service advertising platform, the local hotels, restaurants can be self-help paid advertising services, no need to human communication.

Foursquare at the beginning of the summer that is the test of the platform, and said that there are thousands of user can use the platform. The platform is the basic service fee of $50 per month, according to the final consumer access to charge for advertisers.

if Foursquare for independent operation, so the self-service is extremely important. If, however, as previously rumored, Foursquare will eventually be bought by apple or yahoo, can be expected, Foursquare based on user data obtained in recent years will be more valuable than the present advertising platform.

more importantly for Foursquare could attract more people to use its search and discovery services.

Foursquare’s CEO Dennis Crowley on the application of the new features showed enthusiasm, in his view, when users go to a site can receive push related advice is good, the user can see these tips don’t even need to open the application.

but it is difficult to analyze whether it is these new Foursquare to attract more users. At the same time, not to open the Foursquare monthly quantity of active cases, outside people cannot understand that what Foursquare currently operating conditions.