Four big helpless under, grassroots even don’t go into the mobile Internet business?

the concept of “mobile Internet” mature in 2010, and now is still just a concept. The author is to access the Internet by mobile phone for the first time in 2007 after the college entrance examination, the use of “mobile monternet portal” reading outside the computer network information. 07 carrying a backpack to go study in xiamen, is also the first time using a mobile phone Java installed a generic version of QQ. At this time of the “mobile Internet” is still a little students in the classroom is the only way to chat QQ.

now, talked about the mobile Internet industry friends, also only read news in the mobile phone chat micro letter to play games.

never put off till tomorrow what you can work in xiamen after industry, home students asked about my career, to answer the mobile Internet, friends will ask, what is that? Can only be answered, cell phone game development. Xiamen is a second-tier cities, To have such a mobile Internet atmosphere, mainly software park in xiamen has quite mature mobile Internet company and a lot of good cell phone game developers, if you still don’t know, 4399 and here is the picture show.

but, even so, the mobile Internet atmosphere of xiamen is still strong enough. Said a small interlude, yesterday went downstairs in 4399, after two MM in speech, ask another one of the MM: the 4399 is not is the play games online. Then, the mobile Internet, the ultimate trend of it is? It can replace the traditional Internet? Grassroots want to enter the mobile Internet business? To realize the current situation and difficulties.

one, the user’s online behavior still didn’t change

the pen while engaged in the mobile Internet industry, but the main platform for the work and life is still the traditional Internet. In xiamen, looking for a job to rent the house is still at the classified information network or local community portal; The main way of the Internet is still at home or the company’s computer, Internet cafe business no recession. Dominated by QQ and SMS communication between friends, of course, also have micro letter and devoted to the stranger. But, what about the gun, that are floating clouds, take a look at a smile.

although said China now has more than 500 million mobile Internet users, the vast majority are smart phone users. But this is the ratio of how many of 500 million on the Internet by mobile phone? Even with most of the mobile phone users are using the Internet, that who can leverage these people use mobile Internet consumption and entrepreneurship?

2, local website and BBS is still the main marketing

if you ask a wedding photography, the boss of how the local promote business activities, he will answer you to buy a advertising so-and-so community. And when you talk to him can try WeChat marketing, he will answer you WeChat mainly to chat, has become a marketing climate. We can say that they don’t understand this business, but don’t forget, mobile Internet have to ground, and ground, is inseparable from the “” don’t understand this business.

said a joke: a my classmates developed a mobile application of local consumption dating. One day one of his marketing personnel to a cafe to talk with my boss, ask a boss: do you need the client here? No, busy boss answer him, not favour will call the client side.

the paper the other day and the management of a education training institutions to chat, when I mention with micro letter O2O when is a good way of marketing. He asked me, WeChat public number money? Compared with so-and-so top posts in the community, which effect is good? I think, this may be most people use micro letter to the media and not doing O2O, BBS webmasters more and more.

3, local city dominated by B2C electrical business

if you do a survey “what is electronic commerce”, more than 80% of people will answer you: go to taobao day cat to buy clothes shoes, there may be a few people on the Internet to buy digital electronics, this is our concept of the electronics business. If you ask he/she didn’t listen to hear O2O? Know not to know what is the mobile payment? What stuff? Haven’t heard! Although there are several software park nearby to provide the so-called WeChat order, but we still think a call centre More convenient. If the O2O has a real cow, don’t appear haidilao long and hot day traveling rent seeker.

4, local city group of the mobile Internet is not a cold

to read people tend to stay in xiamen in xiamen, or go to work, or start a business. And more Internet entrepreneurs to build a website, SEO, offline activities, membership fees, receive sponsorships. Few dare to develop an APP or a local service WeChat ID, for these people, this is too far-fetched. Of course, there are such people, but almost a state of loss.

and the traditional Internet has more advantages than the mobile Internet, less cost, technology threshold, wide coverage, low income channels. A virtual host to add a domain name will not exceed $1000 a year, a open source program to buy a template is a web site and BBS to post QQ group is the SEO, call a few people pull a banner is offline activities, to hang some advertising dots have income. Mobile Internet is really doing those rich Lord and big companies with experience and strength.

CAI Wen Sheng said mobile Internet to grounding gas, and I think, ground is need cost and courage, such costs and courage is not the average person can have. The concept of mobile Internet is a warm, especially WeChat. But in fact, a common transfer from industry to the mobile Internet, the Internet is still confused about. Really can make the mobile Internet, is still the stopped foot big business over the Internet. If the traditional is the battlefield of grassroots, and mobile Internet is the tomb of the grass roots. Finally want to say, the mobile Internet water, deep into the line need to be careful.

in this paper, the author: Eden, net WeChat public number: edenw_com