Found in its annual report from 20 – F: baidu investment the flash tool zhuo master

according to the baidu 3 on and , 20 – F file, baidu 2012 because yes and in the included in the investment losses for 4720 million dollars. At the same time 2012 in the OPDA of network to make the investment, holding 15% .

By employing the equity method to calculate,

2012 in baidu caused by yes and in the investment losses of 4720 $( 2.942 one hundred million yuan); 2011 year losses for the 1.794 one hundred million RMB yuan.

in addition, the 2012 , 12 on 31 day, baidu held Beijing Paibo Times Technology Co 32.56% piper era Technology Co., LTD. (Beijing) equity; Hold Chongqing Rongdu Technology 40% (Chongqing melting degree of science and Technology) Co equity; Hold Henan Feidian Network Technology Co, 40% boiling point Network Technology (Henan) equity; Hold OPDA vejvoda network technology co., LTD. ( OPDA Appublish Co., Ltd. ) 15.33% equity.


2011 annual report, the OPDA vejvoda net investment should be in the 2012 completed in years. OPDA vejvoda net formerly known as OPDA smartphones BBS, at present in addition to operating on Android professional BBS, the team has introduced applications include “android optimized master” () has been sold to snack, flash application “zhuo master” and so on.