Former Microsoft executive preparing to launch the first brand of marijuana

Beijing time on June 1, according to foreign media reports, former Microsoft executive germaine DE Xia Fuli (Jamen Shively) in a meeting, according to the plan to build the first brand, marijuana legally imported from Mexico marijuana, and three states in the United States to buy medical pharmacy help business started.

, germaine Xia Fuli, a former Microsoft enterprise strategy manager, he expressed the hope that his company is located in Seattle, can be a leader in entertainment, medical marijuana — by starbucks in the position of the coffee industry.

the 45-year-old Xia Fuli, worked in Microsoft for six years, and in 2009. He said he had urged a number of investors to get $10 million in start-up capital.

according to the United States federal law, to use in the United States, sales, possession of marijuana is illegal. But now there are two American states that recreational use of marijuana is legal, and 18 states allow in the process of medical use of marijuana.

Xia Fuli described the hemp industry: “there is huge market, waiting for a brand. If you can occupy 40% of the world’s market share, that I will be pleased and excited.” It is understood that in 2005, a UN report estimates, the global marijuana deal worth around $142 billion.

in Washington and Colorado, became the first agree with recreational marijuana state. Local time on Thursday, at a meeting in downtown Seattle, Xia Fuli tells the story of his own ideas, and will be imported from Mexico marijuana plan.

former Mexican President Vicente Fox (Vicente Fox) with Xia Fuli acquaintance, he is also advocate the legalization of marijuana. Oneself purely to support Xia Fuli, fox said, and his company has no financial or equity.

“germaine DE Xia Fuli sits by my side feeling, than he DE Guzman (Chapo Guzman) in many” in the good side, here, the fox implied that he would rather see germaine DE Xia Fuli legal sale of cannabis, rather than the Mexican drug trafficking illegal cannabis, “the story will start from here.”

Xia Fuli told Reuters that he hopes that fox worked as a consultant in my own business. The company called Diego Pellicer, named after Xia Fuli great-grandfather.

in many parts of the world, still banned sales of marijuana, but some of the major European and American countries are identified, a small amount of owning marijuana legally. In many countries, the medical use of marijuana is legal.


Xia Fuli admits his business plan conflict with federal law, and is bound by rules of two states, Colorado complex in Washington. He consider buying some in accordance with local and state regulations, and is unlikely to cause the authorities review the pharmacy.

“if they want to find me, I would be very happy to meet them, when it comes to federal officials, Xia Fuli said,” I will show them everything we do, and show all our books.”

marijuana adviser Mark Kleiman, Washington (Mark Kleiman), said his plan for Xia Fuli scepticism, worried that he will pass a drug addict to others for profit.

at the university of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), professor of public policy (Kleiman) Coleman said: “for me, it’s really hard to understand why some people want for marijuana business, after all, it violates federal law; Also don’t understand why he would open his conspiracy to break the law.”

in Seattle attorney’s office spokesman Emily langley (Emily Langlie), to bring the issue to the justice department headquarters. But the officials at present, did not immediately respond.

on behalf of Washington state, a democrat of Ruben, Carlisle (Reuven Carlyle), said he saw Xia Fuli proposed commitment. Any industry emerged from the shadows, will inevitably integrate – to simplify the task of regulators.

Xia Fuli said he has acquired the Northwest Patient Resource centre (Northwest Patient Resource Center), the company operating the medical marijuana business, has two stores in Seattle. , he adds, will also buy a pharmacy, Colorado, and Washington state and California two drug stores, their owners, can choose to keep stock.

Xia Fuli said, “we became the first person to eat crabs, such a business venture investment.” He said that the final plan is to create independent brand of health care, recreation USES marijuana, and will promote the sesame oil effectiveness research for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

translation: tencent technology