Former employees see nokia change: fu xi disaster country

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“congratulations @ time students in the west bank and smooth after a former Google employees become the former Microsoft employee” – this is at noon on September 3 received the micro letter sent to my circle of a micro letter.

is very skillful, the Google acquisition MOTOROLA and Microsoft to buy nokia, now I’m coping is. However, in the history of the BIG TIME, it is worth remembering these great companies.

these two days, media coverage and industry comment, with is the acquisition of various conspiracy theories, undercover, believe things easily, do not need too long, when the tide recedes, everything just as it had been happened. Believe that when one day, “MS” LOGO to appear on the phone, like NOKIA, this LOGO only once in the last century.

go today, nokia is day.god, tackling, but a lot of things should not come out, there are still worthy of inherit and spread it. If only the new appointee in, no reflection, summary and inheritance, a great killed altogether, so history can repeat itself in various ways. Nokia MOTOROLA yesterday, today, may be tomorrow’s star fruit and stars.

is the embodiment of the Nordic style, the pride of the Finnish

to many NOKIA and NOKIA users, Microsoft’s acquisition, even if will also continue to use the NOKIA logo on the mobile phone, but it is not the original NOKIA. NOKIA, for us, is a typical representative of the Nordic style and spirit.

from northern Europe who are small and not make public, such as love life, love of nature countries come out of these brands, they and other European and American brands to the feelings of people is very different.

the Nordic style is contracted, human nature, practical not grandiose, close to nature, environmental protection first, adhere to quality is more important than life. These elements, from ikea, Volvo products such as Nordic companies all over the world can see.

today, on behalf of the typical Nordic style of the company One by one, if we say that used to be the sort of spirit gradually decline in the world.

went to nokia’s headquarters in Helsinki, Finland is very sigh with emotion, the quiet and harmony in a corner of the earth, can walk out of the company of such a product all over the world.

yesterday’s news, nokia was acquired by the Finnish economic affairs minister paavo said: “for Finland, it would mean the end of an era.”

yes, Microsoft to buy nokia mobile phone business to Finland and bring the enormous influence “spirit” continuous economic effect, is not nearly so simple a company being acquired, nokia has long been one of the pillars of the pride of the finns and Finland tax. Remember to go to Helsinki on a business trip, if anyone know that you are nokia division staff abroad, not like Beijing taxi drivers talker Finnish driver, talked can talk gush to open the box.

through nokia rise and fall of ups and downs, regrets such

five years ago has just come into the nokia’s global market share is nearly half of the standings, in other words, there was no, only one dominant. Dominance company is dangerous, eldest brother inertia is dangerous, and a monster turned and change also quite difficult. Waxing is deficient, a huan ancient invariable.

that nokia has a market value of more than $one thousand dollars. Although worked in several large multinational companies, I also generous startled by it. Just entered the nokia that moment, I don’t have any project on hand, boss give me arrange first not talk about the product in the coming year project, first is to map out, a stroke of a pen, circle in several countries, let me go again.

strange, I ask my boss of northern Europe, what should we do to go there, I have the project, the boss is very calmly told me, did not go to “say hello” bai, everyone have a cup of coffee, because you work to mix a familiar face to make it easier to not allow… I immediately felt… This is how afraid of money is not over.

read an article said that nokia’s PR department take vacation properties of month everywhere on all over Asia, in fact is not what. Remember what that moment as long as we want to go to a training class, all over the world, the boss think line, went out and also take a hefty subsidies to business, living in a five-star hotel (five-star company are not allowed to live).

the nokia employees as the KEY PERSON. Care for employees, respect is embodied in every detail.

although send staff monthly traffic subsidies, nokia Beijing headquarters still has more than 50 road bus every day to the size of the Beijing residential area, transport thousands of employees to and from work.

in the office environment and the welfare of the company, and with the legendary Google. Office always have lots of cold drink to drink, coffee (note that not instant is cooked, eat watermelon fruit snacks. Nordic companies have sweet sweet red wine ark, when I went to see was dumbfounded. Nokia, the Chinese garden has its own sauna, fitness center, massage center, fine to do nail beauty salon. Nokia employees by appointment can free massage a quarter of an hour every day — even can go to your office area for head and neck massage for you. Office area with table tennis, table football, video game for the work of employees to relax.

may be into has played havoc played havoc, nokia in creating a caring for employees respect and comfortable office environment at the same time, the industry leader mentality of catalytic internal long-term style of state-owned enterprises are also increasingly. This all of all, may be unfortunate innumerable straw crushing nokia.

happiness depends, and then suddenly, has been changed much.

don’t, nokia forever!


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