Former employees of net dragon: insider information interpretation baidu 91 wireless acquisition

the author: ginger.

net dragon, my first job of the old club. 91 has now been bought, has been watched him, and there are many colleagues friends, several elder brother some leave some still, dry treat people well. Changes the Internet age three to five years, are.
Don’t often write, as one of their memories.

baidu acquisition, fall bags for Ann, the biggest winner must be the net dragon chairman Liu Dejian (DJ). Of course if like Mr Li and make more faster, I don’t have the words. Hand of this kind of relations in exchange for Money, no dad children do not to come out. In retrospect, BAT three contact with 91 91 contact with Mr Li will not be for a will, there is network dragonmother about this company before and listed in Hong Kong, and Hu Zemin (Joe), and other capital operation, Daniel in 91 in Hong Kong listed assessment is absolutely MenQing. Had contact with Mr Li, would be Li Dage might be ok not listed on the two steps, he will not suffer, or he, temasek is not so easy to the platform.

a few old gossip, may be able to better understand today’s deal.

a. Net dragon the earliest to enter all the line of sight, the estimate is 03 somethin to do by the end of game media site 17173 sold to sohu, bid $25 million. It was basically decide to sell to sohu, but also communicate with tencent, shanda sedan chair, or very satisfied with the final price. Have the money to have the “demon” later.
Although later 17173 did hundreds of millions of market value, but in the net dragon hand, actually selling is done can run high. Then sold executives say regret, “ha ha”.

2. “Demon” net dragon is the foundation of 10 years ago, there is no doubt. Created when the most expensive employees – the demon Lord yunfei (he planning together with DJ). Wonderful work, in the era of the swim over three years to average life expectancy, “demon” from 6 years, has been as main business of network as our swimming project, until now. For Now! 08 and 09 listed after, at the same time introduced many side, nothing more than the magic domain.

3. 09, 10 years net dragon is very volatile. The financial crisis, the market downturn and changle to buy land and so on lead to cash flow stress; Short-term employment boom brought difficulties of management and business collaboration. Disasters for peers that for two years, which is in the N, android, much more, lenovo and so on each big mobile Internet application distribution platform occupy the important position of the backbone employees leave the net dragon wireless division (now in the sense of 91), including its Xiong Jun. May also be at that time, from the net dragon “the huangpu military academy”.

4. The baidu takeover premium. Price, valuation, operating data, such as online has a lot of, don’t pull. There was a DJ business vision and the ability to grasp the opportunity, the company inside and outside is very admirable. While 100000 received Xiong Jun products at the time, but in the commercial business, low buy high sell no can not thick. Besides, DJ certainly didn’t see so far away now, but can foresee the need to set a small team in ’07 play serious soil and water disaffected apple system in China, has been very rare.
1) said to the above, have capital operation and at, with experience in the Hong Kong stock exchange listed 91 wireless net dragon is easy to determine whether the listed will pass, and listed what the effect will be. So now go back to that second string to his bow.
The choice of, is a bottom line. 91 independent, net dragon is falling. The net dragon hit stocks listed technology stocks biggest one-day drop, then there has been no rise, all under the issue price of 13 yuan, need is now in the market for good window lift the price of the parent company. Have you seen the net dragon after 13 yuan shares climbed the horrible, p/e ratio of more than 200!
Not to sell. So to the cow, then not, Hong Kong also must find a way to hold + hold listed on the news. Released in the bounty, he just think if one end is listed rejection or official release “infinite period delay”, that both sides will not profit. Now is different from 03 years when sohu, bosses, intense pursuit of who actually sell to BAT is fine, as long as the valuation, net dragon is a happy business. Perhaps all three want to buy, the net dragon is also a three can sell, the goods, is the net dragon after considering the default a big head, the rest two sedan chair luo intentionally or unintentionally.
2) it is said that 360 spoiler, because in the absence of line channel distribution platform have direct conflict, but also two to 11 years cooperation. 11 years two in-depth cooperation, said net dragon in changle made mobile phone assistant for 360 sets of shell, hope 360 on both platforms when pushed to the mobile call 91. Actually, in the industry get to know each other, the net dragon don’t know 360 will make your own mobile side, put a lot of security guards on the PC does not guide, with the flourishing trend not heel? 11 years in 91 is listed on the idea, with the cooperation of 360, the both sides of the user is in his name, some speaking pretty much the story.
3) 360 don’t want to accept, even not found to stop the lift Sedan chair is possible. Weibo today there have been rumors of baidu let big V for articles, said baidu has 91 wireless, the movement of the 360 side, it will be dangerous. Ha ha… So, it is too look down upon our profile. Baidu has no line 91, the somebody else do good does not mean that you can. When BBS, which they do all day with early otaku users online grinding technology to change the spirit of the version you have how many people can do? Sent out to sweep the street, zhongguancun, the city that never sleeps, jia gray flash manufacturers in Italy in 91 mobile phone assistant job you have how many people can do? Rapidly changing mobile Internet boom and segmentation APP flow changes, says redesign is revised said intermodal transport (although net dragon also have internal friction ha, big companies disease), baidu’s hand to you, you can change how fast?
4) the industry analysis say that baidu has possession of the three entrances. But remember qihoo, ali, tencent, respectively from the PC security guards, clean out treasure, QQ form strong flow, and the establishment of the ecological chain of almost closed loop quickly, in which a user, money will flow don’t walk. In contrast, baidu, in a recent years ago is in search of ready cash. Users use the search to where go to? Can only show the original hard home page has a habit brand, only that search is the underlying behavior. In the era of mobile Internet, did not establish ecological circle, how to compete with those? Qihoo, from the security guard to the browser to navigation, to the mobile terminal distribution platform, power games combined transport and so on, every step of specific goals, which is responsible for the investors, really do products company (with another part of the behavior, moral integrity… For even now in front of the mobile Side channel distribution platform, qihoo steps than baidu also clear. Baibu LBS, KPI culture lead to life need of the construction of the basement of the service industry has not yet been built, the focus in the niche market of first-tier cities, baidu’s LBS with ali, even with tencent next based on micro letter 5.0 and SOSO street view what advantage?

n. 09, 10 years net dragon is difficult, harder some wireless division. Many people walk, also don’t want to the past, but today, some people insist on down so, estimate out no more than 30 people, is in the middle. It’s not easy, the rain came next spring breeze to win. Congratulations to his former club, old boy, old friends.
Net dragon from the start, and not only implements the project scheme, a major process system. The southeast corner of talent difficult, the project scheme is easy to collective job-hopping. Major process system requires that the boss is the biggest product managers, and DJ made it. Internet opportunity is numerous, the DJ stage only focus fire, may be buried under the point, but the goal is concentrated. The back, don’t know online education, research and development of mobile game will not be the next point.