Former employees fun: cook didn’t inherit the “number one bastard” jobs, management company is too modest

apple CEO Tim cook

Beijing time on March 20, the morning news, according to the technology blog Business Insider reports, apple’s former senior engineer Mike Lee (Mike Lee), said on Tuesday in Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) and iPhone software Business executive Scott Forstall (Scott Forstall) have to say goodbye, Tim Cook (Tim Cook) lead apple become too gentle, let a person worry.

apple more than four months ago announced the iPhone software business executives, will foster, is unknown whether he had already left. Apple then said in a statement: “foster will leave apple in the next year, but will be temporarily as CEO cook adviser.”

mike lee said: “I have compared the forstall to apple’s number one bastard… But that is not a criticism, it is a compliment. For Steve jobs, you could say the same thing.”

mike lee, a former senior apple engineer, responsible for developing the apple store application, now is a application developer.

mike lee said: “I haven’t seen yet, foster, but I know his colleague, I told him all the respect from the people. If it were not for these people, so I am is to foster understanding, he was just a guy on the platform constantly play the PPT. Lack of charm on the podium, he failed to impress me; But his colleagues said I am wrong and they defended forstall said, he is a man machine susceptibility and warm feelings.”

“when I was working on apple store application project, we see jobs as the first user; Only his consent, our project can through. I think, the reason why I was called to develop this project, in part because of team development of product can’t through the review, foster, let alone to jobs. Is the user’s ‘gatekeeper’ jobs, and foster, is jobs’ gatekeeper ‘.”

“of course, if you want to get, foster and even jobs, then must become like them” bastard “, even of the children of judah had. When people inevitably start called me “bastard”, I said to them, I but a ‘in the middle of the gatekeeper, behind me is the’ number one bastard. I put the foster as Allies.”

“jobs died, I was afraid that no one could replace him” number one bastard “position. May only be my own imagination, may I too sensitive in this kind of thing, but I really think this last step disappeared, no one will say to us: “good enough”. Such products become less good examples. Jobs left, I began to think apple is becoming more and more gentle, more and more gentle. And I felt that foster’s departure to some extent, also brought a similar feeling. Policymakers do not want to work in the form of jobs, even if alive jobs will want them to do so.”

“perhaps history will prove that these are only temporary pain, but we really can have such a company: great products can be developed, and the company don’t have a” bastard “. We can only expect this sample. But at the same time, more and more, I don’t want to foster’s departure from apple. Apple is not just a company, or a kind of ideal. Although iron and spoiled the tents of the flowing water of soldiers, but most people don’t really feel leave is left.”

mike lee, then to “more and more friendly, more and more moderate” apple means what explains: “it was Steve jobs leadership of the company, and now is a cook. This feeling is like, apple won a kind person, rather than strict pair of person. I think you will see, apple Riga night shift and overtime during the weekend will be less, willing to work consciously will reduce, technological achievements between each employee units.”

when asked which products “good enough” example, mike lee said: “apple maps is a good example; Podcast (pod) is a better example, its interface has some fundamental problems. I don’t think this product is reliable, it makes me feel depressed when trial. This is not because the Podcast itself have what not good, but because it isn’t necessary to exist. It solve the problem that the problem is that people do not, or third-party applications have been better solve the problem.”


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