Former employees blasting sogou absolute being purchased

on September 18, hunting cloud network news

cloud network hunting today received a letter from my fact, before the disclosure letter tencent acquisition sogou of insider, there are many unknown insider exposure for the first time.

key points: 1, sogou look after lei jun, seek the takeover. 2, there is bad blood between wang and zhang. 3, baidu bid is only $600 million. 4, sogou purchase flow.

hunting cloud network published the full text, doesn’t mean recognition and agree with this point of view, in the full text purpose is to deliver the message to the readers.

the following is the full text:

sogou found the club once again, I don’t know this is a blessing or a curse for sogou. See sogou finally married the tencent news, see the purchase amount of more than $400 million were last capital points out, the more I think leaving sogou is special the right decision. Many people say wang made a right decision, estimates that these words are not familiar with, then I with my work in sogou for nearly three years of experience, about all I know wang.

in fact many people don’t know one thing, in fact, wang in the sale of sogou at first, the first person to contact lei jun is (note: hunting cloud here without lei jun I confirmed) , because he always think he is a second lei jun, he has been, or expect and lei jun road in the heart, from professional managers to the chairman. But he was always complaining about zhang kau pak kwan, or it is better to kau pak kwan, a don’t understand the technology, the people who don’t understand. He always feel and Lao zhang communication I feel very tired, according to his own, Lao zhang is the kindness to him, in his from Chinaren to sohu started several years, Lao zhang has been training his management ability, coordinating ability, “teach me how to be a person, do managers.” He described this period of time, usually will temper, “we” but kindness cannot be bound.

the sohu management about ogawa stems from the frequent media interview when he was in 2011, when it comes to the sohu, which limits the development of sogou sogou product innovation. These interviews after coming out, the sohu shook the top.

has wrote in a report: 2008 to 2010, there was a bleak, most time, wang is no longer responsible for the search business, even the rumored he was leaving, he even do a clean desk, when health department immediately to send a statement in response to the news of his possible departure. “Although there are a variety of other departments excessive concern, but zhang is know these things, he didn’t stop the browser release, since the boss did not say not to do, I released the browser as usual.” (hunting cloud note: since the commercial value, the original edition of) from this period of time, Lao zhang is sandwiched between wang and sohu other management, dilemma, even for a period of time is very depressed and depression.

search was introduced in 2012 in 360, all of a sudden did 10% market share, Lao zhang nasty, sogou ten years do not challenge to baidu, this is such a good chance, the baidu down, Lao zhang is in the heart dream for many years, but it has not been the ogawa determination, he thinks that search is a long-term process of competition, he also has been think old piece of sogou input is not enough, is why sogou did not rise, the developer is not enough, the cloud into these are enough. In general, zhang has been think he to sogou in blood transfusion, invested a large amount of capital, but you haven’t done. In fact, before a few years, sogou sohu has been the biggest hole source. Wang is another opinion, he thinks, is sogou has always maintained the status of sohu, sohu’s share price can still remain high, and the sogou input method of news popup window is now the focus of sohu, wang xiaochuan despise website, 17173 vote important traffic sources.

wang has been to get rid of the bondage of zhang, that in 2010, sogou introduce ali investment was revealed. At that time, Google has just out of China, Lao zhang wants ogawa and 360 cooperation with search engines, rob Google market share, this time ogawa conveniently for independence is out of sohu, even ran away with all the team. Lao zhang is the main concern of the ogawa ran away with the technical team, because he was not a replacement. As a result, ali entered the sogou, wang xiaochuan management of sogou shares increased to 11%, including wang xiaochuan in individual account for 8% of the shares in the 11% to 8%. For the investment, the person in charge of investment has been in distress situation, ali ali investment project has always been a stake in, let its independent development, try our best to support on the business, but they did not think of, Lao zhang, ogawa, and other high-level relationship so subtle and complex, ali is out of the whole team, they think that they like married couples for many years, but try to want to divorce, not simply.

after the ali, Lao zhang find ogawa talked about 360 plan to buy, ogawa firmly opposed. Ogawa foreign said, “said Lao zhang Lao zhou is the person who can be trusted, he really don’t understand”. Why has been reluctant to ogawa and Lao zhou together, that you don’t understand, including his men. Then I left him, to see some when I was on the sidelines of wang is a young hero, winning all sorts of contests, even from grandpa deng said “computer to grab from baby”, have a photo of touch the children head, the child is his (hunting the exact reported cloud network is not found, some netizens also said not the king himself) . Although every time someone asked about this, he listened patiently, then smile and said it wasn’t his. But he really enjoy this kind of feeling, is intoxicated, even he is adored by people in the childhood, if cooperation with Lao zhou, sogou for Lao zhou is certainly not buy to play, Lao zhou must go deep into the management, Lao zhou is a more people worship the people, so he made the worship of feeling disappeared without a trace.

if it is ma, ma, lei jun, li to buy sogou, these bosses nobody would intervene in the running of sogou, or there is not enough energy, they will see and believe wang. Wang has been think Lao zhang won’t bring his growth, but these people will be on demand he walked towards the more the road to success. Wang and Lao zhang agreed again, last year 360 after the search, ogawa want a more powerful supporter, a better channel. Lao zhang spent so many years, hope ogawa can game points out, he also didn’t heart up again. They began to search for the sogou buyers for different purpose.

but two purposes are different. Lao zhang is looking forward to is the return on capital, ogawa is looking forward to their own control. This is only one difference in 360 acquisition process, more obvious differences. Lao zhang is expected and 360 because he know that 360 is a potential shares, with the possibility of money. And ogawa firmly opposed, and in which, at times instructed external fact, to achieve the purpose of make abortion (note: hunting cloud is directed by wang also no clear evidence) . But both of them agreed to one thing, it is this period of time, will significantly impact the market share, so buy a large amount of traffic to sogou hyperemia.

no one know why so hate Zhou Hongyi wang xiaochuan, this may be his and tencent together one of the most important reason. In several acquirers, lei jun is said to be just to talk about a, is just a courtesy, not even offer. But there is no any future development of mobile Internet sogou, lei jun goals would have not in the traditional Internet. 360 the most active, they want to install the second of installed software joint third software, kill the first software installed. Second to third place search, search out first. And that is something Lao zhang is looking forward to. Of three business for sogou input method and search are all their value, browsers don’t value. But don’t want to only 360 received projects, and teams, and acquisition cost is too big for 360, the last 360 also abandoned the baidu to talk about a few times, the purpose is to block 360 sogou, highest prices to over $600 million (note: hunting cloud could only for cash, sogou valuations have more than the latest data) , their purpose is more of a bounty.

but baidu has been wang Lao zhang is a weight restriction, ogawa, several times if a buyout by 360, he went to baidu will with all the brothers. Even released to the outside world, baidu will spend $200 million for his work on a project. Baidu seeing the input method of news is a popup window, baidu has been a lack of a large coverage of software, but Lao zhang don’t want to give up this news play a window, because this is an important support of sohu. Baidu to buy 91 means giving up.

tencent all projects are not valued, but tencent is too rich, the size of the billions of dollars to daily gains are likely to exceed the amount of purchase. Tencent needs to remove outside jinshan, another can restrain the development of 360 companies. When everyone else out, much lower than others offer price to buy into the sogou. My former colleagues are very disappointed about this things. Two for ten years, plus the integration and cultural conflict, no one knows how the road ahead. A lot of people say, sogou + search will challenge the second position, the first time I hear such not ambitious goal, but the reality is in front of them, if the sogou remove those WangMeng flow, what explains the return of the market share of the prototype.

update: sogou pr to cloud network hunting in the afternoon sent a statement, said the article as the facts.