Foreign media is how to evaluate apple’s iOS 7 “subversion” change?

cloud network hunting on June 11 (editor: liu)

in the Google Android in global share, today finally at WWDC apple worldwide developers conference released a new mobile operating system iOS 7, this time it was designed by the company soul Johnny ive personally led, iOS has been a comprehensive innovation, since 7 years iPhone release one of the biggest changes, can use “subversion” to describe.

look first at the iOS 7 in those places have significant improvements:

1, on the interface design, abandoned the original skeuomorphism (software interface design concept known as skeuomorphism imitate real texture) style, application ICONS than before more flat, simple and modern, calendar, telephone, SMS, game center, etc are more concise and clean. At the same time, used to represent the signal strength ICONS are replaced by dots.

2, including weather and stock, built-in application have been redesigned, add a lot of animation, special effects and practical function, especially to improve before the weather by the vast number of users of yahoo.

3, increases the new card-based interface display of multitasking system, and increase the cell phone can be fast and operation control center. In addition, each folder before go in addition to the application of 12 to 16 limit, now each folder can be put into innumerable application icon.

4, built-in Safari function were significantly improved. Now not only support the real full-screen browsing, and can also browse through gestures to control navigation. In addition, the new Safari also increased the tabbed browsing, 3 d tag overview shows, this has to do with Google Chrome is very similar.

5, cameras and photo applications: increase the automatic square footage Settings; Photo album can automatically according to the location and time arrangement and classification to a photograph.

6, Siri system: interface has been redesigned, and joined the male voice support. And strengthen the function of the voice control of the system Settings, such as open bluetooth or adjust the screen brightness, or directly via Twitter, bing, or voice search wikipedia.

7, the App Store: show more intuitive, more clear classification, and without user manual click can make application for automatic updates in the background.

8, music playback: besides interface improvements, apple in the music player has a built-in Radio function of iTunes Radio service.

believe that many users see after the update, are ecstatic, with apple’s design style. But many in the industry but also in the accused iOS7=Android + Windows phone – iOS, think this is the collection the essence + the Android and Windows phone design. If so, has suffered from apple patent stick threaten Google whether to fight back, blame some design infringement? Microsoft may also be taken advantage of the superior.

well, iOS 7, the attitude of the authoritative media will affect the subsequent reviews of the product, occupy the first perception of users. Let’s take a look at the deadly overseas media is how to evaluate this version.


with all kinds of excellent application have sprung up, apple devices of native applications for the user, like chicken ribs, tasteless abandon eaten but a pity, is slowly replaced by sets, Chrome and services, the company. Apple’s iOS system, to a major update of multiple native applications, advantages of the competitors, or can regain users favor. The hand of apple or with the help of iOS 7 liberating the main screen.


the new operating system content is richer, more interactive, still can bring more convenience for the user’s work and life. Although the role in the industry for apple there is much debate, but what is certain is that the company will continue to lead innovation trend, at the same time, it will continue to be one of the most profitable platform application developers.


the WWDC 2013, revealed a slight disappointment, although iOS7 joined some significant new features, but the whole relatively flat, and the change of the new interface platform is by far the deepest feelings. The paper said, perhaps, the apple to the related important information reserved, will be announced in the next iPhone and the tablet this autumn when making more surprises.

The Wall Street journal

the article prospects for apple to worry some. Although apple introduced a new software and hardware products, but is facing a big problem, can also cause developers enough excitement around their products to build the industrial chain, and to maintain its leading position.


some industry experts criticized apple’s mobile operating system and software, have some obsolete, since the iPhone release in Jonathan ivey replace Scott, dell is responsible for the apple software design, finally made a big breakthrough in iOS 7. And from the point of view of the investor, after the death of apple’s efforts to create jobs and persuasive new products, to prove that he still has the prospects for development.


the whole conference without new idea, the new iOS 7 system become the biggest bright spot. But the 7 and the old system, there is no too big change. Apple’s senior vice President of software engineering Craig? Federico west (Craig Federighi) said: “we want the user to install iOS after 7, feeling like changed a new one, but has been able to be familiar with the use of mobile phones.”

technology site BGR

apple iOS without innovation in recent years, the embarrassing situation seems to be a concealed by continued strong earnings, but gradually widening gap with competitors. IOS has made great improvements, 7 although open still have defects, but in the right direction.


it is not only the user focus on apple assembly and product release, capital markets have to WWDC congress had the preliminary feedback. The WWDC keynote speech, before the start of apple’s shares rose about 2%, but then started to dip, to closed down 0.66%, 0.16% in after-hours continue to fall.

although apple has released many hardware and software products, iOS is only one, but its effect on the capital market is self-evident. IOS 7 whether it will have to really capture the user needs time to prove.