Foreign media complain about twelve big flaw: iOS 7 custom function is weak

guide language: the tech blog SAI author kyle? RUSSELL (KYLE RUSSELL) today issued complaining iOS 7 of 12 major design flaws. He said the defect does not mean that the iOS software bugs, but some unreasonable design or missing function.

the following is the original:

1. Unable to custom lock screen shortcut to open the camera application

shortcuts on the lock screen can quickly open the camera, although the design is good, but many people probably will not use apple’s built-in camera application as the main way of taking pictures. I hope apple can allow the user to set the shortcut to open the sets or Snapchat application. May be it is not enough, why not set can open any application?

2. Poor dictation key position on the keyboard

dictation button beside the blank space key of the most commonly used, the design seems a little ridiculous. I don’t know how many times have mistakenly press the key, and then had to wait for a second to cancel.

3. Big cities the differential signal

I use iPhone in San Francisco and New York City, most of the time this two place is famous for its differential signal. Although this software can improve much, but I don’t want a new iPhone so easily lost signal.

4. New ICONS too ugly

Safari, Photos, and Game Center icon particularly ugly.

5. Siri than Google Now far from

although Siri is good, the notice on the iOS 7 center is also better than the previous version, but used the Android and iOS version of Google Search built-in Google Now, Siri seems too weak.

6. Unable to change the default email application

iOS Mail applications have the same problem. Although it is good, but I preferred email application is a Mailbox.

when I want to give someone (not very familiar with the science and technology, for example, not to join my network of family) to send one set for a little while, I hope I can be directly applied in Photos to choose what send email application.

7. Automatic correction function is poor, cannot use other keyboard

the autocorrect function of apple is notoriously poor. Why can’t apple like Android let users to use the other keyboard instead? I hope the iPhone have similar Swype keyboard.

8. Lack of widget

unlike Android, iOS still does not support custom shortcuts or widget. I want some power saving feature on OS X giant can move to the iOS 7.

9. Battery life be improved

this may be a problem of the most complained about smart phone users. Smartphones though powerful, but always not home battery runs out. If the next iPhone apple can guarantee battery used throughout the day, I will buy the first time.

10. Unable to select the default browser

on my desktop and iPhone use Google Chrome browser, however, this experience is not complete, because apple doesn’t make the Chrome set as default browser. So, if you click on the links in the email, twitter, or application that will automatically open Safari rather than Chrome.

this means that if you want to open the link in the email in Chrome and collection, need more click on at least three times. If you time online, and I have to spend a lot of time.

11. Unable to exit the text dialog

if someone will I join the text dialogue, and I will not be able to choose to leave, can only receive a mass text messages, until all quiet. Even though the iOS 7 can block number is already a huge improvement, but I also want to directly to avoid the flooding of mass text messages.

12. Backup process to improve

wireless backup is a great new features, but the backup ripped from the time required for too long. Why can’t I specify need backup? I have seen many backup file is damaged, restored all had to start from scratch. (darcy)