Foreign hacker groups through crack iPhone 5 s fingerprint recognition fingerprint model (video)

Touch ID (fingerprint identification) is the iPhone 5 s the most proud of a “killer” function. However, it is this apple to become the most safe and convenient application, was a group called Chaos Computer Club (CCC) lovers of hackers organization with a “very simple means” cracked.

a called Starbug hacker said: “the only difference is, the iPhone 5 s fingerprint sensor resolution is higher than other existing equipment. According to this feature, as long as we enhance the degree of realistic alternatives can be fooled Touch ID “. , the organization through a model with fingerprint, press the Touch ID , and easily passed the test and verify. (see the following video: certification has just started to use the index finger, then with the fingerprint model of the middle finger press Touch ID , twice after pressing the unlock)


the iPhone 5 s since its launch, the safety of fingerprint identification is questioned by people. In addition, because the iPhone 5 s identify and storage is the user’s fingerprint data (instead of fingerprint patterns), and analysts worry that once the attack, the mobile phone users fingerprint this confidential privacy will be exposed, and cause serious consequences (media think apple will be taking the fingerprint recognition and Apple ID get through).

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