Foreign game “inside ghost” case is how to deal with? Company will “sensitive information theft”, and the former CityVille reconciliation, general manager of the game

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, the company has with the CityVille town (city) the game before the general manager Alan pat Moore (Alan Patmore) will reach a settlement.

pat Moore

it is understood that pat Moore in 2012 , 9 month company, and as a game startups Kixeye products vice President. And in the field of moderate hardcore games, Kixeye the company’s strong rivals.

(translator note: moderate hardcore is relative to the hardcore games and derived. In contrast, it easier, but there is need to spend some time. The typical representative of plants vs zombies. Other analysts think, this is a fuzzy concept.

in the pat Moore left a month later, the company to court to lodge a complaint, filed a lawsuit against pat Moore use Dropbox to store the company more than 760 confidential documents. company pointed out that these files include also released for game design data, the future profit plan, as well as for employee compensation plan. In addition, the company also charged with Kixeye company.

the case the defendant pat Moore said in a statement: “I accept the company of lawsuits. I sincerely for my behavior to company company as well as all colleagues apology.”

so far, the company and Kixeye company did not say whether the settlement agreement in designing compensation funds.

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