For 99 knife: a unique mini host Utilite, at the same time support Ubuntu, the Android system

is a based on ARM Linux host “mini”. Although small (5.3 “x 3.9” x 0.8 “), but it is not lost to those more than ten times larger than its PC host function. Besides with Wifi, bluetooth, and other functions, it is also equipped with two billion Ethernet port and a USB interface. Utilite also equipped with Freescale (Freescale) i.M X6 system, single/double/quad-core chip ARM architecture A9 processor (power for 3-8 tile), the top 4 gb DDR3 1066 MHZ memory, 512 gb hard drive, and a 128 gb microSD card expansion slot. At the same time, the most outstanding characteristic is, the product support Ubuntu Linux and Android two systems.

it is understood that this comes from an Israeli company called “CompuLab” of “a little computer,” will be released next month, the basic configuration version starts at $99.

CompuLab, said they hope Utilite can be a substitute for the traditional desktop, on the basis of saving office space, media player, network interactive TV (IPTV), information processing system, digital panel, thin client devices such as performed by the tasks and functions.

as early as before the CompuLab published a configuration Nvidia prototypes 2 processor PC, then sells for $213 to $338.

here is a list of some other in Utilite configuration:

graphics processor support OpenGL ES 1.1, 1.1/2.0, OpenVG OpenCL EP standards such as

video processor support 1080 p h. 264,’s VC1, RV10, DivX multiple streaming standard

HDMI 1.4-1920 x 1200 @ 60 hz

DVI – D – 1920 x 1200 @ 60 hz

two billion Ethernet interface

wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth 3.0

surround sound input and output

S/PDIF interface (3.5 mm)

four USB2.0 high speed interface, 480 Mbit/s

USB OTG interface, 480 Mbit/s

two RS232 serial port, super mini series connector