Follow the Android: iOS 7 hidden “voice transfer text” function

not long ago, people familiar with the matter from a string of characters in the iOS7 beta code, found that apple is testing a local, without networking “dictation” application of speech into text. It is reported, this group is made up of code found previously did not appear in the previous version of the iOS system. Up to now, if a iOS users want to achieve “dictation” function, to undergo a relatively complex process. First of all, the corresponding software to your voice through the network to upload to the cloud, and then converted to the corresponding characters. But that based on the technology of network state and cloud “dictation” function, often require a long loading time, but also produces the necessary data traffic.

and the new “dictation” function, will be widely applied to a variety of apple devices (iPhone, iPod, iPod), and the whole process of “tone,” will be completed on the local device. Whether email, send messages, take notes or web search, speech recognition, transformation of these functions will become more efficient, more stable. Although there is currently no meet with the public, the new technology, however, according to people familiar with the new “dictation” has been used widely in the company internal application, and running smoothly.

in addition, the former cloud-based “dictation” function, will be retained. The future users can choose according to network conditions, different mode (connected to the Internet or local) “dictation” application.

in fact, it is not a new technology, the Android operating system have been configured in the local speech recognition, the conversion function. Associated with the iOS and Android “dead” in the mobile terminal market, apple’s move is likely to be in keeping with its powerful opponent rob consumer. In addition, the realization of the function of local “dictation, require users to download a hundreds of megabytes of data packets. It is understood that the login OS X giant system, also will configure the new functionality. The above video is a new version of “dictation” function in the OS X operation.

professional analysis, in order to further improve response speed, apple mobile phone in the personal speech aides Siri, will likely use the new “dictation” function. Because from apple’s mobile phone has issue, all with S version will to voice system must be improved. Added Voice Control, for example, in the 3 gs (Voice Control), and 4 s and introduced Siri. So, as the iphone 5’s successor, perhaps 5 s local “dictation” functions as an exclusive new technology. In view of the speech recognition and conversion function needs strong support of electricity, and the future with the local speech recognition phone and the battery can significantly improve their performance.

in the past two weeks, a series of new features iOS7 be exposed. Whether it is a new gesture selection function, integrated business social used LinkedIn, or “pious covered face” local voice dictation, bring infinite imaginary space to users. I hope they can smoothly through the “test”, and we meet as soon as possible.