Follow foxconn’s? Apple contract and infringement of Labour rights to recognize

according to the Wall Street journal, apple’s suppliers in China and the infringement of Labour rights, its behavior is more severe than foxconn.

according to China labor watch’s report, and to recognize at least 86 labor rights violations behavior, 36 for illegal behavior, 50 violation of ethics, which is divided into 15 categories, including dispatching labor, employment discrimination, abuse, underage labor, human rights violations against women default, insufficient staff training, work overtime, wages, poor working environment, poor quality of life, difficult to leave, labor health and safety concerns, appeal, abuse of power, environmental pollution, etc.

in short, and the factory to recognize a lot of violating international and Chinese labor law, also violated the apple’s own standard. China labor watch, and to realize such a serious violation of human rights, but apple continues to make and as a supplier, apple is actually a conspiracy to accomplice.

China labor watch, said apple has always been mining height are broken review standards for their products, but the standard is obviously for apple workers much more relaxed, therefore while apple had previously said it would treat workers with high, but serious deviation from the labor rights or happen year after year.

and the China labor watch also pointed out that they according to the survey, and to realize the factory’s working conditions even worse than foxconn factory, apple doesn’t attach importance to this problem, continue to order, the supply chain will continue to use abusive labor to enhance their own competitiveness, apple is far from help, instead, is to make the situation worse.

the Wall Street journal reported that apple response in a statement, since 2007 since they had to and thorough examination to recognize 15 times, in the past one and a half years has raids, they confirmed and to recognize its does labor intermediary hide workers identity, and stop to recognize they have requirements, and are said to be investigating China labor watch’s report, will be corrected if necessary.

and the execution of the long-range chienchung responds to recognize, they will investigate and take immediate action to correct any violation of China labor law and their behavior and norms.

and prior to recognize because of smaller, escaped the review of the conditions for factory, but analysts forecast, and Shanghai pudong factory is responsible for production to recognize the world iPhone and the , a boom in orders, and large quantity to recruit workers from 3 month by 5 to 7 .

China labor watch is a non-profit organization headquartered in the United States, New york, founded by li qiang in 2000 , 10 month. China labor watch work in the United States lies mainly in two parts. One is the supervision for China’s state-owned enterprises, through the media reports of Chinese workers protest cases, living status and working conditions, caused by the international community and the Chinese government to Chinese workers, thus affecting the Chinese government related labor policies; Second, cooperation with international ngos, prompted multinational companies in China to Hong Kong, Taiwan and influence the supply of factory, make these multinational suppliers working conditions can reach the standard required by the Chinese laws.

China labor watch 2012 years apple released a series of large factory workers working conditions have caused extensive concern of international, the apple and foxconn on public opinion. Cook personally for pr China, foxconn has also conducted internal adjustment. Since last year, apple is constantly adjust the industrial chain, some orders start from foxconn shunt to and masters, and to realize an increasingly important position in apple’s supply chain.

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