Focus employee tells jiang “Q card” series

author: Wang Cai minister

focus Q card, on October 9, 2011 officially launched, gradually disappeared in the second half of 2012.

this cabinet and chic small card, behind is focus media manager jiang O2O advertising media empire dream. “Jiang wants to borrow Q card upgrade complete focus media advertising resources, from display ads to the interactive advertising, play online and offline, advertising value will get promoted, form the concept of capital market is good.” In may, a participated in Q card projects focus on staff before I dark chamber, tells the story of the Q card.

Q card, is the capital market oxytocin

focus is a listed company, the capital market also require it to maintain a certain growth rate per year, but at the same time, focus and is a resource-based advertising media, their early years, has almost monopolized the market, the classification of today’s market leadership position by more than ninety percent, this case how to remain highly profitable growth? These profits come from? By contrast, the explosive growth of the Internet company is visible. These situations to jiangnan spring must to innovate, so Q card arises at the historic moment. – the former focus employee said.

in essence, the focus of Q card actually is not innovation. It is based on Radio Frequency IDentification RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) communication technology in the application of marketing. Through the card’s built-in chip system, can through the radio signal to identify specific targets and to read and write data. Technology is very mature, bus card, canteen meal card, bank CARDS, hotel entrance card, the second generation id card, etc., can be found everywhere in our daily life. Even in the field of marketing, focus Q card is not a pioneer, at home, earlier also established coupons Service ShangWei complex city, it is through a service terminal for advertising or promotional information related information, the difference is that d complex voucher is printed, and Q card coupons is to mobile phone.

in fact, focus media to Q card project as early as 2010, when wanted to buy a team to do in the past, the typical one is d complex city, jiang once went to talk to a d complex city purchase, so only myself into power r&d manufacturing interactive screen. In the middle of 2011, the interactive screen prototype had begun to test a small scale, launched in October 2011.

Q card online, after jiang himself, to use their influence on weibo, he said: “beauty mask the first brand in China, namely, free to elevator’s focus is the premise of building interactive the left side of the screen Buttons on Angle with finger take card and the card number to 106909999 can activate the use, because your mobile phone number and Q card binding. When you use Q card near the interactive screen below has light induction area, we know your qq number to know your phone number, we will send you brush the free gift or discount information sent to your mobile phone.”

compared with d complex city, the focus of Q card will definitely have more resources. , according to former focus employee in Beijing as an example, the focus has about ten thousand points of the building, nearly twenty thousand can brush flat screen television machine and tens of thousands of kanban in the community. If the position again, achieve advertise material connected to the Internet, to people is a good concept upgrade.

jiang gamble

in the eyes of Mr. Jiang, Q card will through the interactive screen to achieve three changes: “a interactive to O2O from dependent to bring customers to the stores; 2 it is through Q card to understand different consumer preferences, realize from the public to focus to the one-to-one precision (marketing); Three is to put the urban consumption and brand preference information from the points of the LCD extends to the mobile terminal.”

before the staff said, from the perspective of the conception of Q card, you can’t help but admire the old Jiang Minrui business observation ability, but from the perspective of the Internet, it may not be able to do, when we and many people in the Internet industry, about this matter, for there is not much.

Jason jiang specially established the “Shanghai enjoyment advertising communication co., LTD.” to do it, support will be the biggest, tilting force of focus, are all involved, by two sales team to focus and enjoyment for Q card to run the client.

points before the staff said: “the first is based on the service class of life, like general comments, consumers can be found through our Q card around a certain restaurants, studios, etc. Our pleasure in seven cities across the country have set up Q team, there are about 50 people, Beijing pure sales team, every day to sweep the street, and restaurants, coffee shops to talk about cooperation. But soon we found that first, and samsung, compared to those big advertisers let little restaurant, coffee shop, the boss of advertising money is very difficult, life service class does not value; Second, these small advertising, will also hurt PuBing advertising value. We are a big piece of ordinary screen consists of three small interactive screen (Q), every day on the screen are samsung, apple, big brands such as BMW, mercedes-benz, and small screen play discount information of what is the perimeter of the hotel, everyone think this is a small advertising, at sixes and sevens, the lower the level of domestic advertising.”

“jiang is a very simply, find these later, probably in the first half of 2012, when the old jiang a Q a luxury sales team cut soon. But there is still no other value Q card? There are! Old jiang believe can bring big advertisers value-added services, such as Johnson & Johnson lenses contact lenses, through Q card, you can tell the audience, your nearest lenses glasses store in where? Brush can go there to bring you a sample. Some kinds of cosmetic customers also distributed samples. To this end, the old jiang also specially set up a small team to responsible for logistics to offices crowd out small kind, such as the grain is not out of the mountain and gather honey, send mountain and gather honey, yili milk, 19, mengniu (Sue, is beautiful mask, as long as with a brush, Q card can give you something. Can the improvement points the screen attention, improve advertising effectiveness, it is set up. But distributed small sample is a small matter, does not need to set up a company to do this, then, Q card gradually lost value, the final project is cut is a very natural thing.”

O2O advertising media empire dream difficult circle

“when it comes to this, to summarize the Q card, it is very clear, can from the pros and cons. Good, for focus, focus do Q card year background accumulation of about seven or eight millions of registered users across the country, one-on-one precision (marketing) value is some, also promoted advertising experience. Failure reason, just because for focus, whether it be distributed service or do small kind. Practice has proved that the value of don’t have much (or too big), strong enough to support the Q card become the next explosive growth point of focus media, so the old jiang will take the initiative to cut, did not say how hard the loss. Can only say that this is a very brave behavior, creative power, but that doesn’t mean it will succeed, easy to die too many projects. As for the other people in the industry analysis, said Q card what is the reason for the failure of complex interactive experience, banging on consumers’ private shell, geographical spatial mismatch, two minutes of overvalued etc, are all outside views, I all points as involved in Q card project, is not recognized these analyses.”

“old jiang to achieve online anyway, this is a very natural thing, I’m offline so strong, if I can get through with cohesion, combined with local O2O, for example, it is not too perfect? So jiang as the boss of focus media, he would certainly think so, but his first step with Q card to try, to do a combination of online and offline, less successful.”

in addition to focus on staff before I dark horse tells focus Q card, a senior marketing person also reviews the focus Q card, he said: “the focus Q card the things, it has not come out, I just talked to Mr. Jiang in sanya, I’m one of the most direct feeling is: this product application scenario. What is up and down the elevator scene? In a hurry, it’s so crowded, you can only do one thing, bored to glance advertising, you want to add one more action, such as using a mobile phone or a Q sweep, interact with you, this is not set up, most people are not so calm. Only this one, I will feel focus Q card no, under the special scene, a fresh strength, people not very keen to use it. It with d d network card is not quite the same as in the city of complex, d show a complex city is located in shopping malls, already have a leisurely mood when people around, so Q card lost.”

however, according to the I black reporter understanding, jiang’s online advertising media dream never give up, so more and more smart phones with built-in the NFC (near distance non-contact technology) chips may be jiang the next opportunity.

NFC application scenarios, is described as: when your cell phone in hand, in front of an advertising posters for the concert, your phone is close to the poster, it can realize mobile phone connection with poster sites; If you want to buy a ticket to enter, can use the embedded in the cell phone in the smart card to pay the fare.

the above points before the staff revealed that the focus now also support NFC display screen itself, the inside of the mobile handsets, we take the mobile phone can be directly on the screen, information can spread to come over, than Q card is more convenient. Focus of backend can support to the application of NFC technology, but it is not to do it.


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