“Flexible screen mobile phone”, how to bend?

screen flexible smartphone will no doubt change people’s perception of a smart phone design, but this kind of cognitive shake or ends there.

at a recent conference, LG officially announced its flexible screen mobile phone AMOLED panel has entered the stage of mass production. At the same time, there are rumors that samsung will also release the Galaxy Note3 variant models – the Galaxy Round, it’s name is echo, the new models will also adopt flexible screen display technology.

in the consumer electronics show, samples of new science and technology has always been interesting than the final shape of products, (in fact, the possibility of these creative works can eventually full production is often quite ethereal).

flexible display technology has been one of the focus of media attention. Today, finally this technology is no longer based on the theory of the theory, has built up a mature model. LG, samsung’s move is also suggests that the technology may soon will spread among ordinary consumers (the popularity of technology popularization, and the price). If so, as a consumer, we can start looking forward to the flexible screen? A lot of people can begin to imagine, such as magazine edition curled up and putting it into flexible intelligent mobile phone in the pocket. Unfortunately, the blueprint of this idea is still too early to tell.

here take a look at that.

CES 2011 consumer electronics show in samsung’s flexible display screen models

traditional AMOLED display technology is mainly by placing a chemical in a thin glass substrate, and the capacity for the top in order to control display effect. The so-called flexible screen is adopted similar thin and flexible plastic material instead of the original glass layer. Plastic material made the screen has a certain curvature, but related electronic components became hinder the further curved screen “culprit”. Under the condition of reasonable, these electronic components can absorb a certain amount of deformation.

if you imagine the flexible display technology is able to smartphone fold into the jacket pocket of the front, you will be disappointed. Samsung’s flexible display range curvature of 400 mm, maximum deflection Angle of the released 18 degrees (i.e. 5 mm) and LG display panel curvature is 700 mm.

from the point of the above information, the future flexible mobile phones will be gentle curvature, deflection degree of no more than 18 degrees. The folding/flexible mobile phone in people’s idea is still very different. LG advertising the main selling point curvature is no longer but the flexible panel “is not easy to wreck” characteristics. Regardless of the model of flexible screen mobile phone is a curved shape, oblique, or is one of the traditional straight board, the existence of the glass, the less knock against falls behind the maintenance cost is likely to be less. And glass layer being replaced at the same time, the mobile phone body will also be more frivolous, space will be more good.

LG’s flexible AMOLED screen models

contrast automobile, wearable electronic products, electronic helmet products, such as smart phones can be relatively rich innovation potential. So far, LG and samsung in the flexible screen was a pioneer in the field. In imagine perfect flexible smart phones at the same time, might as well look at samsung displayed on the 2013 annual consumer electronics show in the model. According to The Verge of The report, The model of mobile phone has a flexible 5 inch screen. Screen edge obvious tilt, during shutdown, the edge will be collected information prompt board, also be the new functions of the smart phone.

maybe this isn’t what world-shaking changes, but there is no denying that it will be another founding of a new situation in the future.