Five upcoming smart watches

early adopters of friends, be careful what you have already been spied her wrist. Eyeing up to you not others, is the industry have high hopes of smart watches. Its prospect is widely, perhaps one day, if you go out without a smart watches, you are embarrassed to say “hello”.

get to the point. Allegedly, apple, Google and samsung and other manufacturers are likely to launch sometime this year their smart watches. Smart watches is not only a kind of very tide technology products, and practicality is good also, such as view text information, event to remind and phone functions and so on. Recently, laptopmag list five upcoming smart watches, fast to sneak peek.

1. Apple iWatch

try to ask who can let the wearable computing products become very cool, the answer may be only one, that is apple’s chief designer Johnny Ive (which Jony Ive). Before, according to bloomberg news, apple iWatch r&d team a total of more than 100 people, the team is very strong. Another, according to previously released iWatch will load the iOS system, equipped with a 1.5 -inch display, fuselage for considerable wear-resisting material surface glass, bring up a bit like old bracelet.

iWatch will probably in June of this year’s WWDC developers conference officially released, the price is unknown.

2. Google Smart Watch

on the market has been pre-loaded with android smart watches, such as “I ‘m Watch”, but these products carry is low version of the android system. Google need to do now is to develop high version, specifically for smart watches as soon as possible and to optimize the android system and the hardware configuration and the standard, so that other downstream vendors can timely follow up.

luckily, if the rumors are true, Google will be released this summer his Smart watches, Smart Watch, there will be MOTOROLA to product hardware part.

so far, as to the specifications of the Smart Watch parameter is unknown, but what is certain is that it will launch the android system, and embedded Google Now, Gmail, Google search and Google maps and other applications.

3. Samsung Galaxy Altius Smart Watch

and Google and apple in the smart watch secretive, samsung has long been a high-profile announced it is developing smart watches products. Samsung mobile business executive vice President Lee young-hee (Lee Young Hee) has said that they have already started long before watch the development intelligence, and will and apple rumored iWatch a fundamental difference between the two.

this is the case. And Google and apple’s smart watches need to work in different ways, which is connected with mobile phones, samsung’s smart watches products will be directly access communications operators. Before the product photos show, samsung this code-named “Galaxy Altius” smart watch will probably cooperate with South Korea’s SK telecom, which will provide communication services.

4. The Pebble

The Pebble smart watch is dominated by a web site called The Kickstarter funding projects, early supporters will be only for The project. If others want to have this smart watches, need by the end of the year in the web site registered members and accept the reservation, at a price of $150.

The Pebble is equipped with a 1.26 -inch backlit E – Paper, electronic Paper screen, The screen resolution of 168 x 144, can only show two color black and white. When it and the mobile phone connection, you can via bluetooth wireless transmission synchronization of the information in the mobile phone, such as E-mail, sunset, SMS and weather etc.

it is worth mentioning that The Pebble has The function of waterproof and resistance to fall off, falling from The height of 5 meters can be unscathed, and battery energy storage capacity for up to seven days.

5. Martian Watch

and many other smart watches, Martian Watch also have a digital display box, in order to display the information as much as possible. Via bluetooth and iOS or Android mobile phone connection, Martian Watch can not only have call function, and the digital display box can also sync Facebook message, tweet, SMS and E-mail and other information.

not only hereat, Martian Watch but can be by Siri application and voice command button to achieve voice control. Up the price of $249 and is expected to release late spring.

translation: tencent technology