Five major PC makers of mobile transformation journey

began in the wave of mobile intelligent terminal, rapidly across the globe in a short span of six years. In the face of the original market decline, and mobile intelligent device of aggressive, traditional PC makers seemed unprepared.

, six years later, including lenovo, HP, dell, asus, acer, five major PC makers, began to varying degrees their mobile transformation journey. Although they all understand that “change is live, the same is dead”, but in this article is full of pain and the transformation of the thorns road, the five obvious in addition to much the same way of development.

below cloud network will take you to review the above five big hunting trip to PC makers of mobile transformation.

a, lenovo: stick to the field of PC, comprehensively carry out mobile Internet business

lenovo is the struggling is a leader in the PC market. The world’s top five PC suppliers, lenovo performed best in the last quarter, lenovo’s PC shipments fell to only 1.4%. , lenovo’s loss is very low, so they can account for 16.7% of the market. While shipments fell 7.7% HP fell to second place, accounted for 16.4% of global market share. That is, while lenovo in the PC market is falling, but it was only by some “skin injury”, compared with the big energy-sapping asustek and acer (shipments fell by more than 20%), lenovo in the PC market is still has a considerable market.

meanwhile, lenovo in mobile Internet deployment is developing in the direction of the scale, three-dimensional. Apart from its own brands of smartphones and tablet computers, lenovo also power in mobile business of mobile payment. Announced on November 29, 2009, lenovo group in 200 million to $200 million for the march to the $100 million sale of lenovo mobile, again into the high-speed growth of China’s mobile Internet market. In 2010, lenovo group issued a new “mobile product line, the gadget in May 2010 new listings in China.

1. Smart phones

, lenovo 2013 Q2 in the global handset market share has reached the fourth, China’s market share is second, at the same time also is domestic first brand mobile phone. Association in the field of mobile smartphone strategy is: actively cooperating with China unicom and other operators, the main one thousand yuan smartphones, tightly grasp the low-end market share.

2. Tablets, super this

lenovo launched is the earliest collection calls, tablets, in one of the mobile devices business. Lenovo’s latest A3000 tablet to humanized functions, four nuclear strong 3 g and 1299 yuan buying price bring you more surprises.

lenovo super this representative products are Yoga13, a 360 degree rotation Angle 13 “laptop screen.

3. La cara

mobile terminal identity recognition, and portability of mobile terminals, led to the development of mobile payment business. Carla is legend’s financial services sector’s flagship companies, has gradually formed four major business: for the convenience of financial, Internet services, POS list and user management. The company la cara mobile card,

is a data transmission through the audio card peripheral terminals, support the iPhone, HTC, millet and other kinds of mainstream mobile phone and pad products. Mainly provide the credit card payments, transfer remittance, convenient life convenient to pay online payment of financial services.

2, asus: contract with independent research and development in parallel

asus and lenovo, it took a “contract + the independent brand” double path.

growing generation business

in 2008, the company will company cut for “brand” and “OEM” two group, Pegatron (Pegatron) is responsible for computer related products OEM business, and to realize joint international (Unihan) is responsible for chassis, broadband and other non computer related products OEM business.

may, according to the Wall Street journal reported that in order to the future possible risk, apple is planning for the next iPhone more “partners”. And one of them, and to realize it will be for the upcoming apple product assembly services. Analysts pointed out that if can reach the cooperation agreement, then the apple will make up and the company in 2013 to recognize more than half of total consumer electronics and communications business. In order to meet the new huge workload, and to realize the company claims will be in the second half of the year, recruitment, labor estimates increase workers will reach more than 40%. Actually, this is not, and to realize with apple’s cooperation, for the first time. As early as 2011, foxconn’s this little competition, started playing for apple OEM some iPhone. Last year, and also to recognize and apple has signed an agreement, for the assembly of the Mini. (see)

the independent brand development

since 2012, asus always bear the Google Nexus 7 tablet cooperative production business. According to asus after, the company’s total revenue of $3.56 billion, net profit of $205 million, year-on-year growth of 16% and 16% respectively. The personage inside course of study points out, asustek’s Q1 earnings performance is mainly due to the asus cooperation with Google Nexus 7 tablet sales good, plus the low-end touch laptop price advantage, promoted the asus products sell like hot cakes.

sell like hot cakes (thanks to the Nexus 7) as the world’s second largest Android tablet manufacturer, asustek in the process of positive transformation, has found a new niche market. Continuous PadPhone launch of three generations, is one of the representative products. This is referred to as the “deformation” phone industry equipment, besides can act as a smartphone, can also be installed on the flat base “, as battery for tablet.

in addition, foreign technology media reported All ThingsD, asus is planning to launch a new smart phone, into the U.S. market. (see)

three, HP: transformation and resetting of the intelligent terminal business

7 years continuous replacement four the CEO of hewlett-packard (HP), whether in the traditional PC market or in the emerging wave of mobile intelligent all find their own position. Although it has the ability to become iOS, Android, and WP after yet another mobile operating system provider (webOS), but the pity is that HP is not in accordance with the line of company leaders. Nowadays, the restart of mobile business at the same time, under the leadership of Whitman HP is trying to mobile services and technology transformation.

again-every mobile marketing strategy

, on April 29, 2010, HP bought Palm for $1.2 billion, increasing competition in the field of mobile handheld devices.

, August 18, 2011, HP announced to stop producing TouchPad tablet and webOS smartphone, and plans to the personal computer business to sell or spin-off.

, on October 28, 2011, HP announced that it would continue to keep the PC department.

, on December 9, 2011, HP’s new President announced WebOS open source.

in 2010, HP paid $1.2 billion for the Palm, and obtain the ownership of the WebOS operating system of its development. At that time, the former PC veterans, hope can use WebOS to enter the mobile market. Based on WebOS was released in February 2011, HP TouchPad tablet and Veer and Pre smartphone. Only half a year later, however, stopped for a Web OS system support, the end of the year, close all webos shop.

smart business transformation and return

HP ended in June of this year conference “world tour”, set the tone for the future of HP Whitman: cloud computing, security, data and mobile computing, while glossing PC business. IBM gave up their own PC market in 2005, and the comprehensive transformation to the chip manufacturing and technical services company. In front of the shriveling of apple and lenovo, HP is the time to consider a transformation.

although HP is launched the first wave of tablet PC manufacturers, but poor market performance, it had to give up the production of mobile devices. Recently, however, for some time, there has been a lot of HP to rumors of a mobile device manufacturing. Earlier this month, HP asia-pacific consumer PCS and tablet, senior director, mot, Su Yin said the company plans to restart the smartphone business, and can launch a “totally different experience for consumers of new products. Soon after, foreign websites, it exposes a HP smartphone rendering images, and claims that this is the first product after they return to the market (HP official has denied).

I wish to give up comprehensive to the Android HP WebOS, can have in the mobile terminal market to find the exact location.

4, lost in the mobile era: acer and dell

although dell and acer have been deployed their own mobile intelligent device, but no matter what, the two company’s products have been recognized by the market. Now, it appears that the two companies also are in the state of confusion, struggling.

acer: in 2013, is the first year of our tablet!

according to incomplete statistics, last year, acer has launched more than 20 smartphones, and global sales only 40-500000, the average models can sell about 20000 units, may be some of the brands than even the huaqiang north. Although acer global east will, said the company’s mobile strategy will be a good soldier from machine sea tactics to fight, to predict that the market is even with acer had high hopes of E2 handset, acer will not exceed 1.5 million units this year, sales of smartphones.

however, acer seems to gradually increase the input in the field of tablet. In mid-july, acer company hand in hand to suning, Intel, Microsoft held a press conference in Beijing, in mainland China officially released the world’s first 8.1 -inch Windows 8 tablets it W3. Acer Acer China executive vice President of others said: “the first year of 2013 is the Acer tablet, the future we will actively set up independent brand, expand product markets.”

dell: mobile market rout

shortly before the media to expose, dell’s two Windows tablets XPS – 10 and Latitude 10 sales market is a mess. According to the vice President of dell’s PC business Sam Burd, so far, these two products still stays accumulative total sales in 100000.

although dell in 2009 began to dabble in mobile intelligent device, can now, dell is definitely got up very early, catch a late set. On December 13, 2012, dell announced that will never develop Android smartphone, it also marks the company in the field of mobile terminal rout.

five, transition: quick steps to move, a lot of trial and error

the advent of the era of mobile Internet, have had brilliant PC area became a sunset industry. In the face of the spread of the mobile terminal, 3 g network technology upgrade, the user habit of disruptive change, the mobile Internet and computer has become irreversible historical trend. Being leader in the field of PC production or losers, to the transformation of mobile intelligent terminal or service, should be put on the agenda of the enterprise development. Although the PC still has value, to stick to the burning platform, can only be playing with fire.

in the face of the wind then its mobile Internet market, such as lenovo, HP, dell and other PC giant, has both advantages of the channel, brand, customer, but have to face comes from the development idea, the transformation of management mode, market rules, etc. Break the box, an open cooperation consciousness, actively explore new business areas, quick steps to move, a lot of trial and error, perhaps the PC manufacturers should stick to the belief in the transformation.